Its quite sad to see that mental health is still a stigma, not only in a developing nations such as Pakistan, but also the rest of the world. Not a day passes by without hearing news of several people dying of chronic mental issues including celebrities in the limelight.

However, still Its so hard to believe that we are still paying no heed to it. The statistics which we hear every now and then are simply daunting. Still, how can we ignore something so striking as this?

Still a stigma?

Would we still only categorize illness when it pertains to the body only? Why are we still ignoring the most pivotal organ, the human brain, even when mental illness has become one of the leading causes or death globally.

There must be something really colossal that despite all the glory, stardom and luxury, the celebrities and famous personalities still fail to be happy or simply contended.

Depression & Anxiety Still a Stigma

What’s the apparent reason?

The distress is that, its slowly and gradually penetrating the general public as well? What is the reason? Are we not satisfied with ourselves? Do we fail to appreciate the blessings bestowed to us?

Why is the ratio of youth consuming sedatives and such medicines increasing when they have literally nothing to worry about? There must be something substantial.

Why don’t we talk about it?

In addition, the sad reality is that still no one wants to talk about it. No one wants to take the charge and utter anything simply because its still something really haunting when you tell someone you feel this way. Why? Because you will be labelled as someone possessed by demons or simply crazy.

That is simply absurd. Not just this, we even consider it a sin to get it treated, simply because we do not think its an ailment, for us its just self inflicted.

Lack of awareness

On the other hand, its really sad to see some very literate people casually comment on someone coming up with the symptoms that you simply do not engage your mind to something or you are just trying to gain attention.

Similarly, some religious people blame it all on the fact that you are not spiritual enough and your lack of connection to God and Quran is the cause of all this.

“Your sins are the reason behind this”

To the point that they make the people believe that God is punishing them for their sins.  That is ridiculous.

This is not something you say to the person suffering from mental issues. It has nothing to do with your spirituality or religion. Rather you might be very religious but still be depressed and anxious. It might be simply a test from God.

Lack of Awareness

I think a lot of it has to do with the awareness regarding mental health. As we are not aware of it, so we do not realize that its not something in the patients hand or not something in his or her control.

The problem now boils down to the fact that we as a society now needs to accept it without questioning any further and now its the time to see what can be done about it. This issue can not be ignored anymore. We need to realize this thing that the pressure on each and everyone of us is increasing day by day.

Things are not that simple as they used to be. Its unavoidable for some of us to withstand the mental pressure to be acceptable in the society as survival is only for the fittest in today’s harsh and mean world.

Fight Depression & Anxiety

How to Fight Depression & Anxiety

Talk about it

The first and foremost thing you need to do about this is talk it out. If you are or at some point have suffered from this illness, then you know how it feels. So, do not feel guilty or bad about feeling this way. Talk and let others know how you feel. Its a good way to ventilate and let all the negativity out.

Ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help and also recommend others to seek help if they need. Talk to a good well known counselor and also get medication if you need to.

Support people and listen

Always support others , If you notice a person with symptoms of anxiety and depression, talk to them and help them in any way you can. Give them good advice and transfer good positive vibes to them. Its a good way to take them out somewhere for a walk or something or simply let them enjoy anything they like.

Support & Listen - Depression & Anxiety

Lifestyle changes

Make small lifestyle changes like eating healthy, physical exercises and building up a social circle. Surround yourself with people who contribute to your wellness and positivity and with whom you enjoy being yourself.

Avoid negativity

Give a shut up call to all the negative people out there and avoid toxicity. Take a deep breath and relax.

Learn more about it

Learn more about the symptoms and signs of depression. If you come across anyone with these warning signs, educate them and offer help. Learning more about it would help you gain acceptability over it and make you realize you are not alone.

Learn ways to relax and about stress management

Learn more about breathing exercises and ways to relax. Read good books that help you groom yourself and think positively. Accept challenges coming up in your life and take them as ways to improve yourself.

Write a journal

Start writing every depressed and anxious feeling you encounter on a piece of paper and start maintaining a journal. Advice someone suffering from depression and anxiety to do the same. Its a good way of catharsis.

Help yourself and others

Do not leave anyone with the symptoms of depression and anxiety alone. Make sure they are always surrounded by people and nothing negative makes their way to them.

Be easy on others, no shaming

Be easy on such people. Tell them you understand and that you stand by them. Counsel them and avoid saying anything negative, because its not their choice to be lazy or anxious.

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