The Lux Style Awards 2018 happened last night amid glitz and glamour; all the shining stars of our media stepped out and stunned us with their beautiful outfits and glamour. The event overall was a perfect display of using fame for social causes, since it was primarily focused on child abuse.

However, let us take a look at who wore what on this prestigious event and whether they were a hit or a miss.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Best and Worst Dressed

Ayesha Omar

This diva wore a stunning ensemble by AtelierZuhra and looked like a vision with all this gold and sparkle.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Ayesha Omar

Verdict: HIT

Saheefa Jabbar

Ummm… this outfit does not quite go for an Awards event, what do you think? Written at the back of the dress was ‘Educate Your Daughters’, but the whole outfit doesn’t suit the event. However, Saheefa has always been the one to break stereotypes, hasn’t she?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Saheefa Jabbar

Verdict: NOT SURE

Omar Shehzad

This handsome hunk is dressed perfectly for this formal event; we don’t feel that he lacks something or has over-done anything. So, the verdict is quite obvious, isn’t it?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Omar Shehzad

Verdict: HIT

Urwa Hocane

This starlet always manages to go wrong with her outfits at such events. This custom ensemble by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha looks beautiful from the back; the tail of the dress is gorgeous but it doesn’t look as good with the kameez style that was at the front.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Urwa Hocane

Verdict: MISS

Mawra Hocane

Mawra wore an ensemble by an Indian designer, Manish Malhotra. Though the dress is pretty, but it was an obvious duplicate of a dress worn by Jhanvi Kapoor. You could have come up with something original Mawra?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Mawra Hocane

Verdict: MISS

Husnain Lehri

He won an award for the Model of the Year and was dressed perfectly for the event as well. He sure knows how to carry any look that he opts for, doesn’t he?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Husnain Lehri

Verdict: HIT

Sadaf Kanwal

This beautiful model also looked elegant as ever in this deep blue attire by Zaheer Abbas; the one shoulder silk draped dress made her look like the absolute diva she is.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Sadaf Kanwal

Verdict: HIT

Amina Sheikh

She tried to copy the Kardashian’s style and carried it off nicely. This custom dress by Sana Safinaz was as dazzling as the event it self.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Amina Sheikh

Verdict: HIT

Mohib Mirza

Exhibit A of what not to do with your hair.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Mohib Mirza

Verdict: MISS

Sabeeka Imam

This gorgeous mode did not quite turn heads with her outfit in these Lux Style Awards; her custome dress by Erum Khan was a bit too plain and her hairdo was also not that flattering. But, that’s just us, what do you think?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Sabeeka Imam

Verdict: MISS

Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas won the Best Female Award last year and this year, she stunned everyone with her ever so graceful attire. Her gorgeous ensemble by Fahad Hussayn, paired with elegant jewelry was just too perfect for this event.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Amna Ilyas

Verdict: HIT

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Never thought the color maroon could look on guys too? Well, Mohsin Abbas proved us wrong on these Lux Style Awards; he looks like a true gentleman in this maroon suit.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Mohsin Abbas Haider

Verdict: HIT

Iqra Aziz

This young starlet looked absolutely stunning in this gorgeous white gown by Asim Jofa! She has carried out this one shoulder off draped dress in the most elegant way.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Iqra Aziz

Verdict: HIT

Sanam Saeed

Glamorous! This is what came to our mind when we saw Sanam Saeed at the Lux Style Awards 18’; she looked super gorgeous and elegant in this light pink dress by Ramial Ali, and donned with exquisite Swarovski jewelry.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Sanam Saeed

Verdict: HIT

Osman Khalid Butt

Doesn’t he look like the next James Bond? Okay, that was maybe too much but Osman looks absolutely handsome in this attire by Deepak and Fahad.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Osman Khalid Butt

Verdict: HIT

Mahira Khan

This diva went the traditional way by donning a graceful and elegant Faraz Manan outfit. She looks like a vision in this gorgeous attire.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Mahira Khan

Verdit: HIT

Sajal Aly

Many stars showed up in white outfits in this year’s Lux Style Awards but none looked as gorgeous as Sajal or Mahira; this beautiful traditional long dress by IvyBridals was absolutely stunning.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Sajal Aly

Verdict: HIT

Hamza Ali Abbasi

He is known to dress up in the most conventional way; but he somehow always manages to pull that off as well. Hamza Ali Abbasi looked handsome and a true gentleman in this simple attire.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Hamza Ali Abbasi

Verdict: HIT 

Zara Noor

This cutie looks like her perfect self in this gorgeous black dress by Erum Khan Couture.

Lux Style Awards 2018 Zara Noor Abbas

Verdict: HIT

Aima Baig

This young dive looked absolutely stunning in yet another Erum Khan Couture ensemble. Apart from her gorgeous attire, she also bagged her very first award for her Coke Studio performance. More power to you girl!

Lux Style Awards 2018 Aima Baig

Verdict: HIT

Ahad Raza Mir

Ah, this hottie. He looks handsome as ever in this simple yet elegant attire; the scarf he has donned looks classic, doesn’t it?

Lux Style Awards 2018 Ahad Raza Mir

Verdict: HIT

So, this is it for now. We agree that we missed out quite a few stars but, do not worry because we will be covering this glamorous event in the future as well. For now, we are sure you will all be drooling over the gorgeous dressed wore by all these favorite stars.

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