Like life was already not showering lemons upon us that Snapchat,  one of the most exciting and innovative app of its time, decided to put us in even more misery.

It has been my favorite app since the day I decide to download it and, not only, have I  been its continuous user but at the same time it kept me well-connected with my family and friends giving updates on what they are up to.

Well, because of its momentous chatting mechanism through pictures and videos, Snapchat, first become the center of attraction back in 2011. Almost, immediately after its launch, people started to divulge into this amazing app and with a blink of an eye Snapchat become apple-to-an-eye-app for everyone.

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Up until recently, all of this seemed like an eternal truth but what came as a SHOCK rather than a surprise was the NEW SNAPCHAT UPDATE. There is hardly anyone in the WORLD who feels okay with this new bizarre update.

People around the globe questioned the very existence of this update which eventually is leading towards perplexed purpose of the app altogether. Was it to make us happy or to confuse all of us?  Well, you see how badly it affected ALL OF US.

Memoires of the Old Merry Snapchat Version – Everything the New Snapchat Update Lacks

In the loving memory of our very favorite app let’s have a look at what we miss about the strange new app that Snapchat has become, recently.

Friend’s stories just a slide away

With the new Snapchat update the very easy process of watching your friend’s story has rather become a complicated process.

Previously, all you needed to do was slide the screen left and the stories of your friend list would automatically load and with just a tap you could witness the thrilling happenings in your friend’s life.

Seeing your Own Story

Probably, the most peculiar update to this new version is the difficulty that one faces to watch your own Snapchat story. What happened to making things simple!!

Gone are the days when with just a slide of your finger and one tap, you would see your own stories and didn’t have to go anywhere else. It was easier and much simpler as your story would be placed in the same Window as your friends, only with the difference that it was always at the top of all other stories.

Snapchat Update Old version

The ‘Discover’ window

Well, it was hardly that is went up to the Discover window and searched or watched the stories that are placed there. However, this tab which was early available two slides away has now taken over the place where our stories used to lie which isn’t I feel excited about.

Sliding down to Add Friends, See who Added you & Contacts

So, previously, it was much easier to see who added you on Snapchat along with finding your friends and contacts.

It used to be a simple process of just sliding down the screen but well, you know it isn’t the same any more, making it harder for me to even digest this change.

These are the pretty much all the things that most of the Snapchatters miss about the old version of the app. Well, now let’s see what changes does the new Snapchat Update has brought for us.

The New Snapchat Update & How to Use the Redesigned Version

Undoubtedly, there is a mutual feeling of disappointment with the recently released version of the app. It has certainly become a little difficult and complicated to use the app. However, for all our readers, here is what has changed in Snapchat with an attempt to make it easy for you to get familiar with the recent amendments.

Snapchat Update Story

How to View your friends Stories

It has, indeed, become bizarre to view your friend’s stories now. Viewing stories of your friends have somehow shifted to the tab where chat window with your folks was once placed.

What is even more disturbing is that the loading of the stories is no more based on a linear system. Instead, the stories now load according to recent chats that you have commenced with your friends.

That is, the stories of friends with whom you have recently chatted would appear on top then to the stories with whom you have not chatted at all. Weird!

Viewing your own story

Initially, everyone almost felt lost about finding their own story on Snapchat Update. Which was, previously, a simple process, now has surely become a complicated issue.

To view your own story, unlike before, tap on your bitmoji (if set) or the Snapchat logo at the top left corner and there you go.

You will now see new options that are; Add Friends, My Story along with an option that says ‘Create New Story’. Apart from this, the Trophies tab, Bitmoji tab and share tab has also come under this window, I hopes that snapchatters will like it (Well, certainly not).

Why has the ‘Discover’ Window Suddenly become so prominent?

Which was once almost non-existent (at least for me) has suddenly become so catchy, not something I was looking forward to.

Whatsoever, where you had to swipe twice on the left to see that window now with just one swipe you will see the discover window which has almost become impossible to ignore. There is chance that people like it but not me.

Snapchat Update Friends

Now the question arises, whether or not you can go back to the old version? Answer to it is YES, but its reliability cannot be confirmed as it may open your phone to new cyber threats and crimes. Lets see how to bring back our favorite Snapchat version.

How to Shift back to the Old Snapchat Version?

Snapchat Update bring back old version

For IPhone Users

  • Delete Snapchat from your iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.
  • find Apps in the dropdown menu in iTunes & Do not sync your iPhone.
  • Find Snapchat in iTunes’ Apps list then hit Install and sync your device.
  • There you go, the old version would be installed.

For Android Users

  • Uninstall Current Version of the Snapchat
  • Download the APK file of the previous version by finding it on the web. (Many Third Party Sites where the OLD APK is Available)
  • Install it on your device and open it.
  • Surprise, the old version is back.
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Download the old version and thank me later. However, to keep on using the old version just un-check the automatic update of the app from your device and manually update it if need be. However, in doing so a great risk to your phone may befall as the security rules keeps on changing, making it accessible to online cyber threats.

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