Are you one of those people who absolutely love to shop but do not find time to go out and shop as much as you would like to?

Well, sitting at home and buying anything has been made super easy with online shopping websites now. However, there is always a little skepticism whenever you order something online. What if the page isn’t authentic and they don’t deliver what they promised? Or worse, what if it is just a scam?

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

No worries because in this article, we will be listing the most authentic and reliable online shopping websites we have here in Pakistan (without any particular order).

List of Authentic Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Yep, this is one of our favorite go-to online shopping website for all of our needs. They have a number of registered suppliers and a wide range of categories and retailers to choose from. Furthermore, their return policy makes it a bit more reliable than other shopping websites as well.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

We would, however, suggest you not to buy expensive online appliances from any online website unless it is the official website for that specific brand. Apart from that, go check out their website and shop all you want!

This shopping website deals majorly in technical items; you can get a wide variety of laptops, smart phones, computers and tablets etc from here. Moreover, they also sell high quality accessories as well; there is a complete section of laptop cases, mobile covers and much more.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

Furthermore, has a rating of 4.9 on their Facebook page, which clearly means that they are reliable and authentic in what they are offering. Also, they offer multiple delivery services, the details of which are available on their online page easily. So, if you are too lazy to actually go and buy a laptop/mobile or anything like that for yourself, try out this website!

This is a very well-known online shopping page and it has been tried and tested that they offer authentic products. They have multiple categories of products; you can get clothes (men, women, children and baby), technical items, home appliances, beauty and make-up related products, books, products related to health and sports and much more.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

Furthermore, they have registered vendors so you don’t have to worry about being scammed. However we do suggest not buying makeup from here because that has gotten bad reviews; many sellers have sold dupes claiming them to be originals. Apart from that, you also have the option of tracking your order once you place it. So, go check out their website for more information.

This is a page that strictly sells women related items; furthermore, all the products are branded and imported as well. If you wish to buy a brand that is not easily available in Pakistan, is there to your rescue. They have all the famous brands like Forever21, H&M, Burberry, Calvin Klein etc.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

However, you might find the cost of items a bit higher but they include the customs and import cost as well. Go and have a look at their website for more information.

ShoppingBag is an online website which basically deals in bringing the products from Amazon and eBay to you. Furthermore, they deal in authentic products and do not scam their customers at all. Also, they offer cash on delivery on only orders which cost less than Rs.6000; for orders more than that, they have other payments available that you can take a look at on their website.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

They have a rating of 4.1/5 on their Facebook page; the only complaint being that they deliver in time longer than they have stated on their website. Other than that, there have been no significant complaints regarding the delivered products.

This is another reliable online shopping website that deals with different categories; they offer all sorts of technical appliances and other fashion items as well. Furthermore, they have their very own application that you can install on your mobile devices from Google Play Store and AppsStore.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

They have valid 7 days replacement policy on general items as well as 1 year service warranty for tech items like mobile phones, laptops etc. This will surely give you a sense of security when you order from them. So, go and check out their website for more details!

Bagallery Deals

This website is dedicated to bringing you 100% authentic bags, clothings and electronics. They import all the stuff from all the best available resources in UAE, US, UK and Europe and bring you the best of everything.

Online Shopping Websites Bagallery

You can find designer bags, shoes, clothes, watches and all that you need right here! Another amazing service they have is that if you find something on some website from abroad but can not find it anywhere here, just send the link to Bagallery and they will get it for you. So, go have a look at their Facebook page or their website.

Authentic Online Shopping Websites

We really hope this helped you out and made it easier for you to make the crucial decision whenever you make an order online.

However, what we suggest is to always check the reviews of the website or page prior to placing an order, the world is full of people trying to deceive you. Moreover, do let us know if you would like some other stores to be listed in AvvaaZ’s Online Shopping Sites list.

That said, we wish you a happy shopping experience!

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