Who in the world doesn’t like being the center of attention? Sigh, you don’t get that everyday but wait you have an occasion in your life and as a girl you have all the rights to be the center of attention. So, we definitely need to make ourselves look jaw dropping-ly stunning, right? Let me tell you how!

For every girl around the world, wedding is one of the most special and a close to heart event. Little do you know but a lot of hassle goes behind choosing that ONE SPECIAL WEDDING dress not many people know about.

Choosing the best designer, dress design, costs a lot of stuff is involved which is not an easy task buddy I tell you. So, if you are a person who is to really aware about what’s trending in the fashion world then I got your back. I am going to tell you all about the trends for your perfect fairy tale wedding entailing details on the trendy Pakistani Wedding Dresses.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses
Source : PK Vogue

As we all are aware that the most awaited bridal fashion week known as Pakistan Birdal Couture Week (PBCW) has just ended, and now it is time for you to look back at the best and the most trending Pakistani Bridal Dresses for the season!  After the latest Fashion Week, I swam through every one of the billows of fabrics, analyzed every gathering, and pinpointed the best wedding trends this year.

Last season’s gorgeous heavily worked bridals with a velvet shawl are still points of interest and are still in full blossom, while diving neck areas were seen in practically every gathering and huge intense florals weaved generally smooth insignificant looks.

Now that there’s greater adaptability as far as what constitutes a perfect “Pakistani Wedding Dress”, Fashion designers nowadays have the opportunity to try different things with new outlines, color selection, and materials to rethink the look each season.

We were dealt with to a sexier wedding design week this season, kindness of a wealth of significantly diving neck areas. One thing’s without a doubt, designers are really bringing some amazing detailed designs this season. Moreover, they are also bringing bold and various colors altogether which results in a masterpiece. Let me take you through the journey of what’s trending in the country these days!

Trends of Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2017

Wedding patterns are changing each single year through the great marriage accumulations being propelled by the designers. In the past there was a pattern that lady of the hour was simply required to wear something with a lot of red regardless of whether it was a shalwar suit or Bridal lehenga. Yet, now the idea of the red concept has totally changed and designers have introduced tons of new colors.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Trends
Source : PK Vogue

As you might have witnessed in weddings, TV or fashion show that the designers are coming up with royal wedding outfits that can make anyone droll over them. On the off chance that we discuss the most recent Pakistani Bridal Dresses trends then nowadays the pattern of lehenga is very common with long shirt or a shirt, the choice is yours!

Pakistani Wedding Dresses at Bridal Couture Week

As you might be aware that HUM TV Bridal Couture Week is the biggest platform in the country where designers display their stunning bridal designs for the year. If you want to see what your favorite designers have come up with this keep following this post as I have collected some of the mesmerizing dresses from their collection.


HSY Bridal Dress
Source: Bridal Couture Week

Uzma Babar

Uzma Babar Bridal Dresses
Source: Bridal Couture Week

Asifa & Nabeel

Asifa & Nabeel Bridal Dresses
Source: Bridal Couture Week

Nickie Nina

Nickie Nina Bridal Dresses
Source: Bridal Couture Week

That’s all from us now on Pakistani Wedding Dresses. Do let us know what you think about our collection, some recommendations and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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