Intense, mysterious and, probably, one of the most misunderstood Zodiac Signs of all is Scorpio. I am a Scorpio myself, and without a doubt I am everything that is claimed about this zealous sign.  Well, I won’t say that there is nothing negative about Scorpios but their ambitious nature and intense personality is mostly termed as down side of this zodiac.

All that apart, getting to know a Scorpio is almost an impossible task; they are mysterious, not only, because it’s in them by nature but mostly because they choose to be like that. Trusting others, for a Scorpio is the hardest thing that they would have to do. Well, to be honest they don’y mostly give a damn about anything.

I know I know it’s extremely hard to know a Scorpio but it’s still not unattainable. So, if you want to get more familiar with this Zodiac Sign then you have landed on the right track.

Traits of a Scorpio – The Most intimidating Zodiac Signs of all

 The Thirst for power and control on almost EVERYTHING defines a Scorpio. Not only that but the intensity and extremism that rules a Scorpio is immense; they are seductive, passionate and obsessive about everything that interests them.

Scorpios like to stay secretive, well who knows more than I do; I am often like to keep things to myself especially when it comes to my personality and nature. Moreover, there is no doubt that people belonging to this Zodiac Sign are also quite extreme, mysterious and shadowy.

Because of such traits Scorpios are often regarded as rude, introvert and arrogant, well that is not the case at all. They might seem tough but inwardly they are quite like anyone else; they feel more than they accept, they love with full intensity and they regard people who are true to themselves.

Strong on their beliefs, they have voice like no other sign. They are not hesitant in showing and expressing what they believe in and they, absolutely, don’t shy away from having a voice where many others would choose not to speak.

According to Astro Style;

There are actually four incarnations of Scorpio: the first is the venomous, possessive Scorpion itself; the second is the slippery, charming-yet-deadly snake; the third is the soaring eagle whose piercing gaze sharply observes the landscape (and its prey) below; and the final version is the ever-burning, all-seeing Phoenix that rises up from the ashes into eternal rebirth.

It shows how strong and dangerous can a Scorpio get, however, when you go into their world  you will extreme not only intense emotions but the type of energy they possess would definitely make  a person feel quite overwhelming.

Their possessive nature makes them quite loyal and devoted and also sacrificing when it comes to love. No doubt, a Scorpio withholds a domineering and passionate personality but the type of aura they possess is rightfully magnetic.

Water – Element of a Scorpio

Just like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio also withholds the powers of water element. They channel their intuitive powers into psyche and of course healing energy. They often are good at exploring darker side of life and also in uncovering the bitter, emotional and spiritual side of not only themselves but also of the people around them.

Scorpio energy helps out in our darkest hours; this sign is not afraid to go to the murky waters of the emotional and spiritual unknown. – Astro Style.

It will be best to hide your weaknesses from a Scorpio because they use their power of merging and bring out the truth right from your core. So, basically they access power from it. Just like water they flow continuously, sometimes slowly and at times fast, but certainly always unpredictable.

Strengths of a Scorpio

When we talk about strengths of a Scorpio there are many. Apart from their magnetic charm there many other traits that makes them strong and attractive and probably the most self-sustaining of all the other Zodiac signs.

They have extreme sense of focus in them which help them in staying determined in life and it also leads them towards achieving the very much impossible tasks. When it comes to bravery there might be not be anyone else better than them; they are strong and can easily handle and face the many difficult situations in life without even raising an eyebrow.

Scorpios might be deemed as passionate and jealous but the only reason is because they tend to keep balance. They care about the people they love and are quite mature when it comes to handling equilibrium in life.

Well, the faithfulness of a Scorpio is well-known; betrayal is not a part of their dictionary and trusting them is great choice for anyone. Also, they are ambitious of what they want to achieve and can mold situation around them to reach their goals.

Scorpios are very intuitive, but not as in a psychic sense, more as intuitive into the human mind, they have a great understanding of the mystery and the power of the human mind. – Zodiac Signs Astrology

But the most astounding part of their personality is the quality of intuition; they are highly foresighted people and can foresee things even before they happen. Above all, they are very good at reading people’s mind and personality so it’s hard to fool a Scorpio.

Like all good things have a flaw; Scorpios also have some qualities in them that affiliate them to having few negative traits.

Weaknesses of  a Scorpio

The positive qualities of a Scorpio are undisputed; however, there are few things that make many people often dislike them. the first and foremost is jealously;being extremely possess and controlling, Scorpios tend to become jealous which often affects their relationships as they don’t like to share in any way.

Additionally, because of their secretive nature, they become difficult to decipher and are hard to understand. It almost impossible to know what is going through their mind which also works a s a negative point in their lives.

Scorpios are all about control, they need to be in control at all times. To be out of control is very threatening, even dangerous to the Scorpio’s psyche, when they control, they feel safe. – Zodiac Signs Astrology

Although, Scorpios are strong but inwardly they are quite sensitive so hurting them is comparatively extremely easy. Nevertheless, once you have hurt them, they will always try to even things with whoever hurts them.

Not only that their manipulative nature also makes them quite crook as they can turn any event in their favor and can also negatively influence people to do things their way. Not so nice right but easily possible for Scorpios.

It is hard to spot Scorpios as they tend to stay reserved and seldom converse with many people. They like to stay to themselves but once you are close to them all your perceptions might change. However, their natural charisma is what would grasp your attention.

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