Many of us are already aware of the CSS Exams (Central Superior Services) that the Federal government of Pakistan takes every year; the point of these exams is to locate the eligible and deserving candidates for prestigious government posts extracted out on the basis of various predetermined criteria.

The exams are known to be most competent and complex set of examination where passing out is mostly regarded as luck than being the outcome, solely, hinged upon applicant’s hard work. The success rate of CSS is, fairly, challenging and, undoubtedly, preparing for it is no piece of cake.

“If you want to raise the prestige and greatness of Pakistan you must not fall victim to any pressure but do your duty as servants of the people and the state, fearlessly and honestly.”

The speech was made by Quaid-e-Azam in April 1948 in which he impresses upon the grandeur that can be achieved by going into the civil services and without a doubt, people want to go into the government sector, mainly, to achieve and receive the massive benefits government employment holds.

Correspondingly, CSS is a substantial platform to opt for civil services that federal government undertakes to make sure they get a well deserved recruitment for various important government openings.

CSS: All About Written Exams what is CSS

Where, almost, the whole country is aware of CSS there are some people who are still oblivious of the details related to it or knowing what, in fact, CSS examination is. So, how about we give a detailed insight to it and help you expand your knowledge over this topic. Let’s start our journey from the very start.


What is CSS?

Central Superior Services, commonly known as CSS, are the esteemed exams that are conducted, every year, under Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). The purpose of this examination, as already mentioned, is to find a perfect recruitment for the posts that come under BS – 17, such as;

  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)
  • District Management Group (DMG)
  • Income Tax Group (ITG)
  • Customs and Excise Group (CEG)
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP)
  • Postal Group (PG)
  • Commerce & Trade Group (CTG)
  • Railways Group (RG)
  • Information Group (IG)

Anyone applying for this Exam, once selected, expects to excel and hopes for a brighter and shinier professional future. However, to achieve a fiery success, CSS requires round the clock hard work and extensive amount of intellectual input to triumph it and even then there is no guarantee of accomplishment.

Starting off Your CSS Journey

When your decision to do CSS is still an ideological one, there are tons of questions that arise in your mind, you get confused on how to prepare for it, what is the way to apply and how much time will it need and what are the other factors involved to do CSS?

Don’t worry we got you all covered! First and foremost, let’s start with knowing the Criteria to apply for CSS Examination.

CSS: All About Written Exams professional

CSS Criteria

In order to apply for the competitive CSS Exams there are many factors involved. You must qualify them all to move ahead and fulfill the mentioned merits before you make up a decision to apply;

  • The applicant belonging to any part of Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir is eligible.
  • The age limit is between 21 to 28 years
  • The applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree from a HEC recognized institution having minimum 45% marks (or 2nd Division / 2.0 CGPA / C Grade).

If you think you come at par with these requirements then you are good to go and can apply for CSS. Luckily, if you are successful in passing the exams, you will be allocated to any of the predetermined occupational groups, keeping in mind the provincial quota and your preference.  However, any person who is eligible can take the exams three times before the age limit expires.

Four Parts of CSS Examination

What’s worth noting is that the overall exam is comprised upon various tests. In order to clear CSS one must undergo all the tests and pass them all to become the perfect recruitment. The CSS exam is primarily based up on following four parts;

  • Written Exam
  • Medical Test
  • Psychological Test
  • Viva Voce

CSS: all about written exams Parts of CSS

Whoever clears all these parts is lucky enough to be called a CSS officer and can enjoy the bounties that this exam withholds with it. However, the written test is a main and most crucial of all parts. So, you must clear it to move on to the next part that is Medical test.

CSS: Written Exams

Subject Details

The first step towards the CSS Examination is passing the written test that is comprised up on various compulsory and elective subjects. However, written test, all over, carries 1200 marks from which 600 marks are allocated for compulsory and 600 marks are given to optional subjects.

List of compulsory Subjects

  • Essay
  • Everyday Science
  • English Précis and Composition
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Current Affairs
  • Islamiat

List of Optional Subjects

Optional subjects are divided into various groups (A – I), each group carries a list of subjects withholding specific marks (100 or 200). All you need to do is select any group and choose any subject from it, making not more than 200 marks for each group and move on to next group to make sure that your choices make up 600 marks altogether.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HGroup I
Economics 200 MarksForestry 100 Marks

Computer Science 100 Marks
Physics 200 Marks
Islamic History & Culture 200 MarksConstitutional Law 100 MarksPhilosophy 200 MarksPunjabiUrdu
Accountancy and Auditing 200 MarksJournalism 100 MarksApplied Mathematics 200 MarksGeology 200 MarksBritish History 200 MarksLaw 200 MarksPsychology including Experimental Psychology 200 MarksPushtoEnglish literature
Public Administration 100 MarksPolitical Science 200 Marks
Statistics 100 MarkZoology 200 MarksIndo-Pak History 200 MarksMuslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 MarksSindhiArabic
Business Administration 100 MarksAgriculture 100 MarksPure Mathematics 200 MarksGeography 200 MarksHistory of the USA 100 MarksMercantile Law 100 MarksBalochiPersian
Sociology 100 MarksChemistry 200 MarksEuropean History 200 MarksInternational Relations 100 Marks
Botany 200 MarksInternational Law 100 Marks


CSS: All About Written Exams subjects

Befitting enough to mention, Group H and I carry 100 marks for each subject and the attempted paper for these subjects are required to be given in the respective language. Moreover, be careful about choosing your combinations as there are few grouping that’s not applicable; such as, Business Administration with Public Administration. Apart from that, 200 marks subjects are divided into two exams while 100 mark papers are composed of just one exam.

There is no question on the fact that passing CSS exams is no five-finger exercise. The whole CSS process is, evidently, hard to complete and getting through to the end is just a dream for so many Pakistanis. Undoubtedly, Written Test is the most crucial part and requires a lot of time and effort. However, the forthcoming stages of the exam are no piece of cake; in fact, clearing them is a bigger fish to fry.

So, let’s see what the other tests are made up of;

CSS Medical Test

Once the Written test is cleared, the shortlisted candidates move to the next level that is the Medical evaluation. FPSC has arranged a medical board that conducts this test and the reason is to make sure that any candidate taking the test does not carry any physical glitch that could affect or come in way of better performance in future.

However, what comes as a great is that few of the departments like, Pakistan Audit and Account, Commerce and Trade, Postal Services, Information technology hire physically impaired people making CSS possible for them. However, the candidate must provide certificate of their disability; such as, physically impaired, hearing and speech impaired, dumb and dead or visually impaired.

CSS Psychological Test

Mental evaluation is as important as any other part of CSS; it consists of some written tests and group activities that helps is assessing mental state, capabilities, attitude and personality of the candidate. A candidate must bring their NIC and three passport size pictures while appearing for the test.

CSS Vice Voce

After passing the psychological test, the candidates’ needs to appear for Vice Voce which is an interview based to judge candidates moral character, intelligence, aptness of mind, interest and many other aspects about his personality. Remember to have full knowledge of the area of their interest and should be confident about their interests and hobbies.

Once all the tests are cleared, the all successful candidates go on training for year where further enhancing of their skills and talents with basic training for their related field is provided.

That’s all about tests that are involved in CSS; however, if you think the article need something more then do mention it in the comment section. So long!

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