Pakistan’s showbiz industry never fails to impress us with the quality of drama’s they have been producing; the year 2017 also brought in such amazing drama’s with storylines too close to our heart.

In this article, I will be listing Five Best Pakistani Drama serials of 2017 which are a MUST WATCH. Trust me, if you miss these, you are missing out on A LOT!

List of 5 Top Pakistani Dramas for the Year 2017

Sang e Mar Mar

An amazing story of love and revenge, Sang e Mar Mar aired its first episode on 1st September, 2016 on HumTv. It was the perfect depiction of the strict rituals and customs of the Pashtun tribe; the beautifully scripted dialogues, the top-notch cast and the incredible direction kept us all glued to the television every Thursday.

Best Pakistani Dramas Sang e mar mar

It touched the sensitive topics of Vani and honor killing as well and literally, it couldn’t have handled the patriarchy and obsession with ghairat in a better way.


This drama also aired on HumTV and depicted the most common issue in our society; gender discrimination. How a girl is sacrificed for the mistake of her brother is shown perfectly here; it was heart wrenching to see how Sammi (Mawra Hocane) gets treated like an object which has to be owned by someone.

Best Pakistani Dramas Sammi

Apart from that, the burden of bearing sons has also been depicted in an almost perfect way. It had the full potential of gaining audience attention due to the captivating storyline it offered from the very first episode.

Yakeen Ka Safar

The next on this list is Yakeen ka Safar, which aired its first episode in April on HumTV. What made this drama serial different from the rest was that it had different story lines; each equally captivating. The unfair justice system of our country and how the poor have no way to get their rights is what makes Yakeen ka Safar the most watched drama of 2017.

Best Pakistani Dramas Yakeen ka Safar

This drama was too close to real life and this was why people loved it so much. Moreover, the direction and YKS cast was incredible, to say the least; Yakeen ka Safar is why Ahad Raza Mir became the best debutante this year and why Sajal Aly gained respect and love for her versatility. You surely do not want to miss out on this.

Choti Si Zindagi

This drama, which aired on HumTV, depicted the effects of teen marriage, which is another plaguing issue in our society.  Ameena (Iqra Azir) and Urwa (Shehzad Sheikh) are married off at a very young age due to societal issues and traditions.

Best Pakistani Dramas Choti si Zindagi

The problems they face in adjusting with each other and how Urwa tries to accept Armeena after falling in love with Azra (Nimra Khan) is a treat to watch. Furthermore, the acting of the entire cast was amazing and made us fall in love with the characters almost instantly.


What made this drama serial a hit was that it literally all the ingredients required to become a favorite; an amazing cast, perfect directions and intriguing storyline, Rasm-e-Duniya had it all.

Best Pakistani Dramas Rasm e Duniya

It aired on Ary Digital and had Armeena Khan as the lead actress; she was married to Sami Khan, the psychotic husband. It is a wonderful tale of love, hatred, betrayal and toxic relationships.

Best Pakistani Dramas

The drama serials mentioned above are surely a must-watch for you all; they won’t just provide a good entertainment, but they will surely leave you with a lasting impact. So, watch these drama serials and once you’re done with that, come back here for more exciting news and articles.

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