In an interesting turn of events, Aisha Khan announced her departure from the media industry, much to her fans’ dismay. The highly talented and beautiful actress, who starred in her first drama serial, Tum Yehi Kehna, which aired on PTV, is leaving this industry after enchanting us with her onscreen presence for 18 years.

Aisha Khan Quits Media Industry

She updated this news on her official Facebook and Twitter page, where she stated that

“With great pleasure and humility, I have decided to bid farewell to our wonderful media industry. I am bowing out with immense satisfaction and a lot of pride to move on to the next phase of my life.”

Fans and fellow actors alike were shocked and surprised by Aisha’s decision. Many of her fellow stars like Syed Jibran, Zahid Ahmed, Mansha Pasha and Tooba Siddique bid her farewell and goodluck for whatever comes next in her life.

Aisha Khan Twitter
Source: Aisha Khan Twitter

Tooba Siddique, with whom Aisha Khan has shared the screen quite a lot of times, wrote “But what about us? We had to do one more together. Shine on my friend in whatever you feel happy in; May you lead ur life on best choices.”

Also, it is truly cute to see our favorite stars supporting each other in their tough life decisions as well.

The reason for this has not been disclosed by the starlet yet. Aisha’s words gave us an inkling that she is either ready to settle down or has some other career goals in her mind.

“I have always tried to keep my professional and personal life separate and request everyone to understand please”, she said. “I would also like to let my colleagues and friends know about the limitation that I might have had in accepting new projects since 2016 out of which a few scripts stayed with me for a long time. My apologies. As I move on in life to discover how fate unfolds, I would request my well wishers to remember me and my parents in their prayers.”

Aisha Khan’s Career

Apart from starring in multiple dramas, Aisha Khan has also appeared in several movies like Waar and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. She has gained immense respect and followers in her years as a TV actress.

Her decision has definitely has left a lot of fans bereaved. Furthermore, for all those wondering why she wasn’t seen much on screen during the last year, she has stated the reason in her statement.

Aisha Khan Leaves Media Industy
Source: Aisha Khan Twitter

Well, whatever the reason for her taking such a huge step, we wish Aisha Khan the best in her life. We hope and pray that she is successful in whichever venture she takes next! But, we will surely miss seeing her charm on screen.

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