When we first heard about Baaghi, there was this one question in everyone’s mind; how will Qandeel Baloch’s life and all the controversies related to her, be portrayed in this drama? And now that the drama has reached its 23rd episode, we have gotten a pretty clear picture of where it is leading and how well it is doing in giving the public a look into Qandeel’s life.

Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch was the most controversial public figure, or internet sensation, in Pakistan for the year 2015-2016. How did she become popular?

Well, no matter how disgusting it sounds, but Qandeel rose to fame by providing seductive and provocative videos to the people who slammed her, but only after getting a good look at her videos and pictures.

Qandeel Baloch
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She was born Fauzia Baloch but the society turned her into Qandeel Baloch; which girl willingly wants to be a target of verbal disgrace so publicly?

Her Facebook page was a sight of pure hypocrisy; her videos had more than a million comments, all lashing at her and calling her all sorts of demeaning names but at the same time, had equal amounts of views as well. I wonder why watch something if you hate it that much?

Qandeel Baloch Husband
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Qandeel Baloch was capable of so much, she was everything a strong girl should be; headstrong, confident, resilient and stubborn! The only thing she did not have was education and a supportive family and this forced Fauzia to take on the persona of Qandeel Baloch.

Her life and her struggle show just how ruthless our society is to a woman who does not have enough resources to feed her thirst of becoming SOMEBODY. Qandeel had that thirst within her but our men and our society slammed all doors that led to a dignified living for her.

Are You New to Baaghi – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

At the start of every episode, there is a disclaimer that states that the story of this drama is loosely based on certain events and is not an entirely true story or a documentary.

Baaghi started off with the introduction of Fauzia (Saba Qamar) as a very stubborn and outspoken girl who was visibly very different from the girls of her village. Her passion for Begum Noor Jehan’s music and her love for dancing and dressing up made her an outcast in her own family.

How True is Baaghi?

Now, how much has the writer strayed from the actual life of Fauzia Azeem? Well, quite a lot. To begin with, Fauzia never married out of love as is shown in the drama serial; she was forced to marry her husband despite her passion for getting education; she wanted to become something to take her family out of poverty.

Her character in Baaghi shows her as just any girl who wants to marry the boy she loves and has a family; Fauzia was not that girl. She wanted to move out to get education, not to start a career in modeling. The truth has been molded in a way that shows that Fauzia wanted to become famous and craved for the limelight from the very start.

Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch
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The writer of Baaghi, Shazia Khan, has repeatedly stated that she has not glorified Qandeel in the drama serial. However, it seems like she has done just that; the real Qandeel saw the limelight she was getting and flaunted it.

On the other hand, the Qandeel in Baaghi only did things because she was forced into them. The real Qandeel was misguided, she had no one to show her how to do things but what we see in Baaghi is that she had support from her friend, Rehan.

We saw Qandeel shedding tears of remorse and asking the anchor questions like

‘agar aap ki behn ya beti meri jagah hoti toh aap kya karte?’ (if your sister or daughter had been in my place, what would you have done?)

we see her doing nothing of that sort in Baaghi.

Baaghi – A Great Watch Nonetheless

There is no certain conclusion we can reach by comparing Baaghi and Qandeel’s real life; Umera Ahmed, the writer of Baaghi, has said that we have not shown anything in the drama which Qandeel would not have wanted the world to know, and it makes perfect sense.

Qandeel openly challenged the patriarchy of our society but this is not what got her into trouble; it is ironic that everyone was okay with her showing off her body and pleasing the men but when she dared to expose the religious scholar, everyone went mad!

Qandeel Baloch life

Baaghi might not be the true portrayal of Qandeel’s life but it does show a mirror to us and everyone responsible for the death of Qandeel; starting from her own family, every single person who turned her into who she was is to blame. She was forced to use her body to provide for her family, who was okay with it.

We have yet to see how does her death, or murder, play out in the drama serial; it was not just a matter of honor killing, it was far more than that and has a proven connection with Mufti Abdul Qavi. Will the producers of Baaghi take this risky step of hurting the country’s religious sentiments?

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