Don’t we all just need a reason to get dolled up? Well, I am talking about girls here, DUH! What’s more, no, it isn’t just about the event or the occasion we have been called as well, however here and there in light of the fact that we need as well.

Regardless of whether you are snared, booked and cooked for Valentine’s Day or possibly single like the vast majority of us (SIGH), we can still get dolled up and go out with friends or family. HECK YEAH!

Valentine's Day Makeup

So, here I am going to talk about some of the most amazing makeup looks that you can try on Valentine’s Day and let everyone droll over you.

Winged Eyes

Wing it, Liner, Life, basically EVEYRTHING! Here is one of the sassiest and the classisest makeup looks that can never go WRONG.

Pretty pinks for the eyelids are an unquestionable requirement this season, and since the shade compliments relatively every tone and shade on the wheel, pink is a shading essential to have.

All you have to do is start off with a neutral shade to wash the eyelids with, over which and on the waist from the wrinkle line to the finish of the external eye partition, you should apply a dull shade of matte pink.

For the internal area, you should apply a glittery pink light shade. Don’t  forget to blend it because the key to a perfect makeup is always BLENDING. Three strokes of dull kohl for the winged eyes are an absolute necessity for the night makeup to sparkle out!

Winged Eyes Makeup
Source: Vegas Nay

Hot Red Lips And Subtle Eye Makeup

This sultry look is one of the most effortless and well-flexible Valentine’s Day Makeup looks where you would be displaying your cheeky self. The look is pretty simple and easy and it surely will make heads turn.

All you have to do is begin by applying a lip liner on your lips and then fill it in with your favorite RED lipstick. (Extra tip, Go for MAC Ruby Woo)

Mix your lipstick very well so that it doesn’t look messed up. Add a soft touch of white/silver glittery shade or highlighter on the cupid’s bow and on the eyelids.

For the eyes, maroons to caramel tans and ruddy tans ought to be used. Darker on the external corner of the eyes and the internal shades being light and shimmery; with the assistance of an edge brush, mix and leave-dim kohl with two strokes for the upper eyes just and that finishes your makeup for Valentine’s day.

Hot Red Lips And Subtle Eye Makeup
Source: Your Next Shoes

Pinks on the Cheeks and Lips

Before everything else, let me tell you, I have a huge thing for everything pink because it is just so beautiful.

For the majority of us who love flushed pink cheeks and rosy lips, here’s a natural approach to achieve that look. Use a pretty pink lipstick whether it may be a light pink or a darker shade of pink for your lips  that would actually make them pop.

For the eyes, only two strokes of dim kohl would be just perfect and the lower lash line ought to be shaded with a lighter shading pencil for a stunning effect.

Pinks on the Cheeks and Lips
Source: Huda Beauty

Golds And Pinks

Here comes  a look that is perfect for the night out. Since it is the period of sentiment and the period of blooms as well, so I thought of amalgamating the two to convey to you a sparkling yet negligibly glamorized approach to make V Day night a special one. This is a look that runs with everything and for all events, since it isn’t too noisy.

Keep in mind while applying eye shadow-hotter use dim hues outwardly of the eye from the midriff; hotter light hues for the inward corner of the eyes from the waist.

Lightest pink for the eyebrow bone features, a darker shade for the midriff wrinkle line to the external segment of the eye and light gold for the internal corner to the waist of the eyes-mix with a point brush and utilize only one stroke of light darker eye shadow to shade the lash lines with kajal or kohl!

Golds And Pinks
Source: Desi Perkins

Add Some Drama

Now, this is for the ladies who don’t like going OTT and want to keep everything simple & natural yet striking. This is a subtle yet an elegant look with the nude lips and a smokey eye.

All you have to do is apply a nude lip shade on your lips. Don’t forget to outline your lips with a lip pencil to create a perfect smooth effect. After that fill in your lips with the nude lipstick and evenly distribute it.

Now, as for the yes, keep them super dark by a smooth smokey eye or a light smokey eye, the choice is yours!

Either way, don’t forget to use kohl inside the eyes or under your eyes to create that dramatic effect.

Add Some Drama
Source: Makeup By Mario

Voila, I am sure these looks will help you get your desired look without any trouble. Choose any look for any type of date and you will be the center of attention.

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