If you are looking to have some quality time with your loved ones, then these are the Best Restaurants in Islamabad. While we do agree that they are not very economical but in terms of ambiance, atmosphere, and food, you HAVE to visit them at least once.

Top Restaurants in Islamabad for the Year 2017

So, here are our best picks (without any particular order) for fine dining in Islamabad:

Chaye Khana

No doubt Chaye Khana excels at fine dining. From the ambiance to food, every is perfect at Chaye Khana. Great environment, check, Great food, check, great tea, check. Chaye Khana not only offers a vast food menu from breakfast, to all sorts of snacks, to desserts, but also provides a great environment to sit down with your loved ones.

Chaye Khana
Source : Chaaye Khana FB

Jade Cafe

Café Jade is from the same owners of Chinatown but follows a completely different approach. The restaurant recently opened its door for the people of Islamabad after having Lahoris smitten, and won hearts soon.

Whether you want to enjoy the elegant indoor experience, or you want to sit out under the trees with a pleasant view of the street, the services are impeccable. The food menu is just as versatile as the ambiance, and that’s exactly why the restaurant made its mark in the list of good eateries in Islamabad in no time. Visit to see it for yourself.

Jade Cafe
Source : Jade Cafe FB


Jessie’s is a burger joint in Islamabad that aims to bring Islamabadians the Best Burgers in Town. The café has managed to garner attention from the very start because it’s owned by the famous Jaswal brothers.

Safe to say, these brothers have successfully conquered the food industry after the music industry as well. Craving a heavenly burger? Jessie’s is your go-to place.

Source : Jessie’s FB

Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is a top-notch restaurant that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. At Tuscany, you get the best of Italian, Mediterranean, Thai, and gluten free options but their Skillet Brownie is everyone’s sinful pleasure.

Have you tried it yet? Go now!

Source : Tuscany Courtyard FB


Chinatown brings you some mouth-watering Chinese food in the heart of Islamabad. Chinatown has been serving varieties of Chinese dishes mixed with Pakistani flavors for quite long now. If you are looking for authentic Chinese food with great ambiance, then don’t think twice before making a reservation in Chinatown, it’s THAT good.

ChinaTown Islamabad
Source : ChinaTown Islamabad


A restaurant with a view! Kallisto is Rawalpindi’s own Monal, if you ask me. Located in the prime location of Bahria Town, Kallisto is the latest entrant to the fine dining scene.

The menu here is so diverse that you would want to try everything but mostly the attention is to the fine view, and multi levels where you can sit down with your loved ones and enjoy the serene view. In short, a perfect place to dine in!

Kallisto Islamabad
Source: Kallisto FB

English Tea House

Islamabadis waited way too long for this one, so when English Tea House finally made its way to Islamabad, people embraced it with open arms, and rolled in quite quickly. The restaurant not only has a pleasant view, it is lit up by warm yellow lights making it cozy and nice.

English Tea House Islamabad
Source: English TeaHouse

As for the food, there is a wide array of options on the menu. The prices are high, but the food quality makes up for that to most extent so if you are in town, enjoy some time there with your loved ones for a flavorful experience.

The Monal

When it comes to a fine dining experience, you can never go wrong with The Monal. The picturesque view, eclectic ambiance, versatile culinary delights, and courteous services, Monal has been winning hearts of people from/outside Islamabad for long now.

The Monal Islamabad
Source: The Monal


Who doesn’t like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of sizzling steaks? Roasters is a must-visit if you ever come to the capital. Mostly busy, but always a treat. Roasters got the attention of every foodie out there because of its retro yet sassy interior design.

As for some delicious treats, their platters are to die for, while their molten lave and caramel latte is quite famous as well. If you haven’t been there yet, do you even live in the capital?

Roasters Islamabad
Source: Roasters FB

Texas Steak House

For some excellent steaks in Islamabad, look no further than Texas Steak House. For most people of Rawalpindi or Islamabad, Texas Steakhouse introduced them to the mouth-watering piece of meat. Devour the chewy, juicy steaks with the people who matter, and enjoy an experience like no other.

Source : Trip Advisor

Ox and Grill

Great place, great food. You can count the number of restaurants serving authentic steaks on your fingers, but Ox and Grill definitely wins a spot every time. Their sizzling steaks can make anyone’s day. The cozy ambiance and good service is only a cherry on the top so add this restaurant for your next fine dining RIGHT NOW!

Ox and Grill
Source : Ox & Grill FB

Street 1 Café

When I count my blessings, I count Street 1 café’s coffee twice. And their coffee is not the only nice thing about this café. They are definitely stepping up their game in every other cuisine too.

Located in the Kohsar Market, the heart of Islamabad when it comes to food, the place is always buzzing with people. If you ever happen to go there, their juicy, succulent steaks are a MUST. If you happen to go there in the morning, do check out their chocolate pancakes and coffee, definitely won me over.

Street 1 cafe Islamabad
Source: Street 1 Cafe FB


Zefra never disappoints when you are looking for a place to dine in that makes you feel at home. Located in the heart of Bahria Town, the restaurant provides nice view, and best quality food but what makes it stand out is their seating arrangement in the gardens where you enjoy the cool breeze under the shade of trees, and have some hearty conversations with your people. Highly Recommended!

Zefra’s Restaurant
Source : Zefra’s FB

So, these are our best picks for a fine dinner in Islamabad. Each of these restaurants offer their own form of fine dining ranging from the cuisines to the décor. Do let us know about your favorites. Moreover, do check out our list of 2017’s Best New Restaurants from Islamabad and try em out if you feel like adventurous enough. Cheers!

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