Scholarships are, one of the best ways to attain higher education without worrying to pay the high tuition fee especially for the students who are intelligent and withhold great potential. However, We have already talked about many other scholarship programs that are deep furnished and are formed in-accordance to satisfy the students needs from around the world.

One of such famous scholarships Chevening Scholarship program sustains a great importance.

Adequate enough to mention, Chevening is a UK-based scholarship that in collaboration with the UK government is formed to develop leaders globally. It awards scholarship to the students with the outstanding academic record with an aim to build and develop international relations.

The recipients of the scholarship are hand-picked by British Embassies and are funded by Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO).

Chevening aims at boosting the academic and professional opportunities for future leaders, influencers, decision makers in a way that will only not benefit and enhance the UK educational system but will also affect the educational standard worldwide.

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Furthermore, Chevening, including the other scholarship programs, like; DAAD, Commonwealth and Fulbright, also hopes to expand the network with other countries and to promote cultural tolerance between such countries.

All that apart, the mentioned scholarship offers two kinds of awards for international students, including Pakistanis; Chevening Fellowships and Chevening Scholarships.

There are various subjects that come under these programs which can be searched at Chevening official website. Search for the suitable program as per the required course and also refine the search in accordance to the specific city or university you want to apply in.

However, if you want to apply for the scholarship it is immensely important to know the criteria that it requires whist you think for opting for scholarship.

Chevening Scholarship – The Eligibility Criteria

Various scholarship programs withhold diverse eligibility criteria. It is not compulsory that all scholarships programs must share same eligibility as the other one. However, Chevening criteria are quite simple and clear.

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country
  • Return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after your award has ended
  • Have an undergraduate degree that will enable you to gain entry onto a postgraduate programme at a UK university. This is typically equivalent to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the UK.
  • Have at least two years’ work experience (this may be up to five years for fellowship programmes, so please refer to your country page for further details)
  • Apply to three different eligible UK university courses and have received an unconditional offer from one of these choices by 12 July 2018
  • Meet the Chevening English language requirement by 12 July 2018

Apart from providing detail on what the criteria is, the scholarship also presents itself with the things that the applicant should NOT have; let’s have a look;

  • Hold British or dual British citizenship (unless you are a citizen of a British Overseas Territory or hold BN(O) and are applying from Hong Kong)
  • Are an employee, a former employee, or relative of an employee (since July 2015) of Her Majesty’s Government, the British Council, or a staff member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Employees, former employees, or relatives of an employee (since July 2015) of Chevening Partner organizations are eligible to apply, but cannot receive a Chevening/Partner Award from the organization for which they work, previously worked, or are affiliated with through relatives.
  • Have previously studied in the UK with funding from a UK Government-funded scholarship. However, if you have previously studied under a UK Government-funded scholarship (including Chevening), you may be eligible to apply for a Chevening Fellowship five years after completion of your initial UK Government-funded scholarship.

(Source: Chevening)

There is No Way Without English Language

Don’t forget that in order to apply for the scholarship one also needs to prove the UK government of his/her command over English language for which there are various tests available. Nevertheless, Chevening approves of a language course, such as;

  • Academic IELTS
  • Pearson PTE Academic
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CEA)
  • Trinity ISE II (B2)

Choosing the Course at Chevening

Now that you know if you are eligible for the scholarship or not, the next steps that comes is to select the course. Choosing a course is quite imperative, as before applying for it the applicant must choose three different master courses in the same institution, as per the preference which is non rectifiable alter on. Once you have decided it is compulsory to get an unconditional offer for one of the subject that you have chosen.

The Should haves about Selected Courses

Importantly, the titles of selected courses should differ; however, the three course should reflect similarity when it comes to the content. However, in order to apply for the scholarship one must also choose courses that possess the followings points;

  • Full-time
  • Start in the autumn term (usually September/October)
  • Taught master’s (i.e. not research-focused MRes programmes)
  • Lead to a master’s degree qualification
  • Based in the UK

The Should Nots about Selected Courses

The same way as the eligibility criteria, you are also informed about the things that these courses cannot have;

  • Distance learning
  • Part-time
  • Less than nine months in duration
  • More than 12 months in duration
  • PhD or DPhil are not permitted

The Online Application System – A Simple Process

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What’s interesting is that the Chevening has develop a online application system like no other; it is extremely detailed and is intentionally established to provided an in-depth overview of all the details before an applicant’s decides to apply for it.

Chevening provides with some tips to the students before they apply to make, not only, their own experience easy but also to make the online application journey swift. Here are the priceless tips, Follow them and make your application submission less troublesome.

  • Use the Google Chrome web browser.
  • When completing your application form, work in a full-size window.
  • Don’t use your browser’s ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons.
  • Remember your username and password.
  • Enter information accurately, especially your contact details.
  • Consider preparing your answers offline.
  • Application questions have word counts.
  • You do not have to complete the form in one session.
  • Do not plagiarise.
  • Apply in English, only.
  • Check the size and format of the files.
  • Only submit your application once you’re completely satisfied with it.
  • Remember, you can only submit one application.

So, here is all the detail that you needed to know before you apply for the Chevening Scholarship, I hope the information gathered here helped you in devising your future at Chevening and was helpful in making your educational decision. Definitely, Chevening is the powerhouse for best scholarship programs out there.

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