Disclaimer: While we wish this article was satire, but it is not. Get a grip, India!

According to India, Pakistan’s favorite tool of espionage is pigeons, and we are not even kidding. Just when the internet got over the “Pakistani spy pigeon” memes, India claims nabbing yet another Pakistani pigeon due to suspicions that it may have carried a tiny spying device, or coded messages.

According to Times of India, the bird was handed over to Indian Police for a probe, and an X-ray is to be conducted to rule out any possibility of coded messages. The pigeon was detained after it landed close to a post near Amritsar. The pigeon was found near the Border Security Force (BSF) check post in India, close to Pakistan.

Indian Police Inspector Paramvir Singh said the pigeon was handed over to them by the Border Security Force, and they are looking to get its X-ray done as soon as possible.

This is not the first time India has suspected pigeons of being used by Pakistan for spying purposes. In February 2017, India made the similar claims to have caught a “spy” pigeon. Later the media told that the pigeon escaped back to Pakistan due to the negligence from Police.

Similarly in May, 2016, the Indian authorities claimed the same saying they spotted a pigeon carrying a stamped message in Urdu, on its body for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Soon after, the Indian Police clipped its wings to restrain it from escaping.

Despite its progress as a thriving economy, India is still deeply insecure. As funny as it sounds, even the Pakistani avians are enough to send the Indian security agencies in flutter. As for the aviation cadets now in Indian custody, we will not forget you.

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