Despite the fact that Fawad Khan no longer needs an introduction, we are pretty sure most of you still want to know ALL the details. Who is he? How did he get global success? Was it overnight or a struggle of many years? Most fans wonder. So, here you go! We present you all you need to know about Fawad Khan and his journey from a no one to the leading heartthrob of Pakistan.

Fawad Khan Age, Personal Life, Schooling – Everything you want to know!

Born on 29th November 1981 in Karachi, Fawad Khan Age is 36 years and counting. Although the family hails from Lahore originally, his family moved to various cities inside Pakistan, and outside because his father worked at a pharmaceutical company. Fawad Khan spent his childhood in Dubai, Manchester, and Riyad but moved back to Pakistan when he was only 15 years old.

Fawad Khan Biography

Fawad Khan Wife Sadaf, Marriage & Family – A family man indeed!

Believe it or not, Fawad Khan married the woman he fell in love with when he was only 16. He met Sadaf – his wife and the mother of two kids; Elayna and Ayaan, in 1998, continued to be friends with him for seven years, and finally tied the knot in 2005. 13 years, and still going strong, eh? That’s your relationship goals right there!

Fawad Khan Wife - Sadaf
Source : Indian Express

Fawad Khan Career – How it began!

Almost two decades ago, Fawad Khan stepped into the Pakistani industry, with dreams in his eyes, yes, but not with the slightest idea what fate had in store for him. After graduating from FAST- NUCES as an engineer, Fawad Khan started off as a front man and the leading vocalist of Entity Paradigm (EP) – a punk rock band and the rest, is history.

So, how did a singer rise to the ultimate heights of fame – and that too, not in singing but in acting? It all started with Shoaib Mansoor’s critically acclaimed movie Khuda Kay Liye.

Fawad Khan Singing

Fawad Khan Dramas – Rise to stardom after Humsafar!

But it was Humsafar that earned him a fan following many dream of. His role as the male protagonist Ashar managed to pull on the heart strings of everyone. And his role as Zaroon in Zindagi Gulzar Hai made us love him even more. But is it so easy to win the hearts of millions? No. It’s his immaculate acting skills that won him hearts not just in Pakistan – all over the world.

Fawad Khan in Humsafar

Fawad Khan Movies – A splendid debut in Bollywood!

Fawad Khan is also among those very few Pakistanis who managed to create a buzz across the border as well. From the debut that made waves, and earned him applause from the big names of Bollywood, and made us think he’s going to slay Bollywood, to the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil controversy last year that made us think his career just went up in smoke – Fawad Khan has been through it all.

Next Destination: Hollywood?

Reportedly, Fawad Khan is now all set to mark his debut in Hollywood. If sources are to be believed, he has already signed on with an agent in Hollywood in pursuit of quality work in the United States.

Back To the Rock Star Roots!

Many of you are already familiar with the rock star Fawad Khan – especially if you are a 90s kid, but for those who are living under a rock, Fawad Khan rose to prominence in singing after joining the band EP. But as Fawad Khan started appearing on the TV Screens, music took the backseat for him, and eventually he stopped making music altogether.

While many of us were not expecting it, not after many failed tries to bring the singer in Fawad back, Pepsi did it!

Fawad Khan in Battle of the Bands

The rock star turned heartthrob was named as one of the judges for the Battle of the Bands alongside Meesha Shafi, Atif Aslam, and Shahi Hasan.  Seeing him as a judge in the show was a treat to watch, to say the least.

Wonder how many of us actually get the chance to judge a show that you were once a contestant of? Not everyone’s that lucky. But of course, with this reunion, Fawad Khan’s career came full circle. We also hope we get to see more of EP after that amazing reunion.

Here are some lesser known facts about Fawad Khan!

We bet you know all that about him – hopelessly in love, we get it. But let us tell you some lesser known facts about Fawad Khan – from his family, to the things he loves.

  • Fawad Khan is very particular about his apparel.

He likes to be Prim and proper all the time, no crease on shirt, fitted clothes, and clean shoes. Fawad Khan also once mentioned his love for shoes saying that he has an entire collection of shoes for every occasion.

  • Fawad Khan is diabetic hence always named to have “weird food choice”

Fawad Khan once mentioned his favorite vegetable is Karelay and people couldn’t stop wondering why. He later admitted that he only included the vegetable in his diet because of diabetes, but later fell in love with it.

  • Fawad Khan was approached for the Bollywood film Padmavati

We bet you know about the film considering the latest controversy stirring against the Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer, but very few people know that rumor had it, Fawad Khan was approached by the team for the role of Shahid Kapoor’s character but the rumor came to a halt too soon after the Pakistan-India relations got worse.

While Fawad Khan may be overrated to many out there, one cannot simply deny that mere his presence on the screen is enough to gather quite a buzz. The guy is even a pleasure to watch every time he speaks so let’s end this with a life advice he once gave on television.

“You can be whatever you want to be. Don’t let discouragement take you down”

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