Spreading his magic on both, small and big screen, Feroze Khan needs no introductions. The 27 years old actor has taken over the entertainment industry by storm. Especially after the release of his recent serial ‘Khaani’, his overall persona has touched new heights.

Without a doubt, Feroze khan is, mostly, popular amongst girls for his I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude and that perfectly transformed body. On top of that, his acting skill works as a cherry on top.

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Feroze Khan – The Family of Talented Celebrities

At the age of just 27 years, Feroze khan has reached cloud 9! He was born on 11th June 1990 and up until now he has, surely, worked hard to reach where he is today. However, he is not the first one in his family to make his way in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Feroze khan sisters
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The well-known Pakistani celebrities, Humaima Malik and Dua Malik are Feroze Khan’s sisters, who have already earned a great name for themselves in the showbiz.  Many of us know Humaima Malik for her Oscar worthy performance in Bol and many other eminent dramas and movies. On the other hand, Dua Malik has hosted many shows, like; Sur Sath Swera and also withholds a melodious voice.

Definitely, the Malik family has artistic genes in them and is not shy to express their love for each other on the social media. We have often witnessed the love and support that these siblings give to each other and make special moments accessible to their fans (of course, through social media).

Feroze Khan & Sajal Aly – What’s all the fuss about?

Many Pakistanis still believe Feroze Khan and Sajal Aly to be a couple. However, nobody knows if this is a reality or just a rumor but fans have been drooling over this idea ever since, so they started calling them Sajroz (how cute).

Feroze khan and Sajal Aly
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Be it on-screen or off-screen, there is no doubt that both the actors look marvelously attractive together and this may be the reason for their repeated appearance on dramas and films. Nevertheless, the speculation about their real-life romance is not confirmed yet.

The Weight loss Journey

You might not know and won’t believe that Feroze Khan was quite a chubby kid. His pictures from childhood are unrecognizable but later on he decided to hit the gym and turned his life around. Now he is an owner of nicely toned body and is worthy of going GAGA over.

feroz khan chubby boy
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Feroze Khan –The Beckoning of a Star

Feroze khan started off his career as a video jockey and then turned to modeling before he finally accepted offers as an actor. His most popular drama serial of all was Chup Raho that was released in back 2014. The drama had earned ground breaking records and is still remembered by fans. After that there was no stopping for Feroze Khan.

Feroze khan picture
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He has by far appeared in many awe-aspiring Pakistani dramas that includes; Bikhra Mera Naseeb, Sayonni Mera Mahi, Gul-E-Rana, Woh Aik Pal and still on the running drama serial Khaani.

Not to forget, Feroze Khan has also appeared in a movie called Zindagi Kitni Haseen hai and that too with Sajal Aly. It was surely a movie that satisfied many Sajroz fans but had a very typical plot.

Now that we are talking all about Feroze khan, it seems, suffice enough to also discuss his roles in all his infamous dramas that have earned him a rightful place in our hearts.

Feroze Khan Infamous Dramas

Well, in my view, all the characters portrayed by Feroze Khan are just mind-blowing. They are all memorable and above all he just looked absolutely a Greek God in whatever avatar he adopted. So, just for the pleasure let’s have a look at the roles that he has done so far that hypnotized his fans.

Chup Raho

The Drama brought substantial fame to Feroze Khan; it was a story of Rameen (Sajal Aly), who was raped by her brother-in-law Numair and was forced to stay silent. In this Drama Feroze khan plays the role of Numair’s cousin Azar who wants to marry Rameen.

Azar is quite a crucial character as he then marries Rameen and never believes her claims of Numair’s wrongdoings. However, eventually he gets to know about the truth and commits suicide and never gets to apologize to Rameen. Undoubtedly, everyone wished his death to be a lie but passes away in the serial leaving a long-lasting impact on his fans.

Feroze khan Chup Raho

Gul-e Rana

Feroze Khan gul e Rana
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Well, Feroze Khan has experimented with his roles in Dramas. He plays a role of a ’bad boy’ (which btw we all loved) where he forcefully marries Gul-e-Rana and plays a part of extremely vicious husband. His looks and attitude in the drama is what made him come to the limelight and most famous amongst women. However, eventually, he falls in love with his on-screen wife and to be honest with that we also fall in love with him.


The most famous and thrilling drama at present is Khaani. As usual Feroze khan, yet another time, plays the role of a bad boy who enraged with anger kills an innocent man and later on falls in love with the sister of the same person.

Mir Hadi (Feroze Khan) is portrayed as ruthless and heartless rich boy; however, with his accurate and stupendous performance he is winning the hearts of many (ALL OVER AGAIN). Well, I just loved his performance and he deserves all the praise that he is garnering at the moment.

Feroze Khan Khaani
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Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai – First Step into the Pakistani Film Industry

Feroze Khan Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
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By far, Feroze khan has only done one film which was loved by almost everyone. He plays the role of a Filmmaker who has a wife and a son. He is struggling professionally hence somehow in the process his family life gets affected and many domestic issues arise due to the chaos. Sajal Aly Star as his wife in the drama and man they looked absolutely stunning together.

Next Stop Bollywood?

Well, Feroze Khan claims to be offered many Bollywood movies and he seems to be quite choosy when it comes to the projects he does. Talking to Instep he said,

I don’t want to do them just for the sake of going across the border and getting a tag on me. If they offer me the same as I have been offered in Pakistan, only then I will do something there.

So definitely, the delay in doing a Bollywood (or a Lollywood) film is evidently justified here and now we know why he doesn’t appear in every other drama or film. Good way to go!

Feroze Khan Social Media

Feroze khan is mostly active on social media and carries account on the three major platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, having millions of followers across the world. Certainly, he a celebrity to follow, don’t believe me? Then checkout his accounts for yourself and i am sure we’ll all agree!

Feroze Khan Instagram

Feroze khan instagram

Feroze Khan Facebook

Feroze khan facebook

Feroze Khan Twitter

Feroze khan twitter

Definitely, Feroze Khan is one of the brightest stars that the Pakistani industry today; not only that he is extremely hot and handsome but his acting skills are also on point.

So, what else can I say, he is just perfect!

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