Who doesn’t know the Pyare Afzal star Hamza Ali Abbasi, he is known for his deep voice, electrifying acting skills and bold political views. He has garnered a top position in the Pakistani drama and film industry, that too in a limited span of time.

Substantially, famous for his extremely good looks, Abbasi, has also proved to be a well-established actor and we all just love him. I mean, just look at him, isn’t he the man of your dreams? Well, there is a reason that he has fan following in million. His looks and acting are one thing but he is also quite famous for his boldness when it comes to his stance on social and political issues.

Hamza Ali Abbasi – Master of All Trades

If this world is a deck then Hamza Ali Abbasi, definitely, isn’t the jack in it. He is extremely talented and a man who knows it all. He tends to prove his worth in whatever he divulges his hands in. Not only that he has done a great job in films and drama but his theatrical skills are right on point.

Along with that, he has also lent his charismatic voice to the villain in Baba Bandook, an animated series Burka Avenger showcasing his multifarious talents. Moreover, he has also been involved in filmmaking and hosting, indeed proving himself successfully everywhere.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi Age, Education– All That You Need to Know

The 32 years old actor was born on June 23rd 1984 and since a very young age he has proved to be a man with many talents. He is not only a great actor but he was also a very talented student.

In Pakistan where CSS is deemed as one of the hardest and most difficult of all exams, he has successfully cleared them and was placed in the Department of Police. However, he soon left it and perused his passion for acting (thank God for that) and went to USA to study filmmaking. He then came back to Pakistan and continued his acting voyage.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Family – The Overflowing Talent

Mazhar Ali, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s father had been serving in the army as one of the prestigious army officer. His mother, as many of us know, is the member of National Assembly (No wonder he is has strong political opinion). On the other hand his sister, Fazeela is a dermatologist and has also appeared in many shows to provide her expertise.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Showbiz Journey – His Famous Dramas & Films

Hamza Ali Abbasi got famous for his angry-young-man role in Mai Hon Shahid Afridi and then there was no stopping him. However, his first step into the world of acting was from theater. He has earned some considerably acclaimed performances in his basket and before he opted to go towards movies and films.

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Nevertheless, Mai Hon Shaid Afridi proved to be the turning point of his acting journey. Additionally, his dramas turn out to make ground breaking records and stays in the heart of audience for a long long time. Pyare Afzal and Man Mayal are the dramas that made us both cry and smile. The stories were captivating and the characters played by Abbasi had been just too amazing and quite memorable.

Hamza Ali Theater Dramas List

  • Dally In The Dark
  • Bombay Dreams
  • The Addams Family
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Tom, Dick and Harry
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Bombay Dreams

Hamza Ali Abbasi TV Dramas List

  • Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley
  • Burka Avenger
  • Pyare Afzal
  • Ek Tha Raja Aur Ek Thi Rani
  • Gullo Weds Gooli
  • Mann Mayal

Hamza Ali Abbasi Movies List

  • The Glorious Resolve
  • Mudhouse And The Golden Doll
  • Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi
  • Waar
  • Jawani Phir Nahin Aani

Hamza Ali Abbasi JPNA

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Upcoming Projects

Currently, there are three very exciting projects to release of Abbasi. Maula Jutt, a reprise version of the original, Kambakht and Parwaz Hai Janoon are the three movies that have made Abbasi’s fans stay on a roll. We are just too excited!

Hamza ali Abbasi Awards

By far, Abbasi has won five awards two in the year 2014 and remaining in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Here are the details;

  • Lux Style Awards – 2015
  • ARY Film Awards – 2014, 2016
  • International Pakistan Prestige Awards – 2017

Hamza Ali Abbasi – A Man with Strong Political Views

Hamza Ali Abbasi is an open supporter of PTI and does not shy away from expressing his view on any issue and this is the reason he mostly stays in the limelight of many controversies. His bold stances on issues have definitely invited dire criticism. He supported Qadiyanies on the national TV and as the result his show was banned by PEMRA for sometime.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Qadiyani post

He was has also been quite vocal about his view on item numbers in Pakistani Movies and also shed his views on the how culturally Bollywood is taking over country. Nevertheless, he was greatly criticized when his movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani was released and was pin pointed by many people for dancing in the midst of many women wearing skimpy clothes.

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Moreover, he has also been quite open up about his dissatisfaction with the present government and has never backed down from mentioning their mistakes and downfalls. He has actively and openly condemned Sharif Brothers and has made sure that the entire world hears his voice through his social media accounts.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi Social Media Accounts

Hamza Ali Abbasi Facebook

Hamza Ali Abbasi facebook

Hamza Ali Abbazi Twitter

Hamza Ali Abbasi twitter

 Hamza Ali abbasi giphyWithout an exception, Hamza Ali Abbasi is an exceptionally talented actor. He has so far done a remarkable job and continues to please his fans through his on point acting skills and timeless characters that tend to stay in the heart of audience for a long time. Not only was he an extraordinary student but he has proved himself in all walks and shades of life and through his acting his became a bright and shiny star in the Pakistani Showbiz industry. Indeed, he is a heart-throb!

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