The official results of Pakistan’s fractious elections are due to be announced but unofficial projections make it clear Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is on course for a landslide victory, with Nawaz way behind, and Bilawal with barely managing to stay afloat.

While Pakistanis are celebrating the fact that change finally got a chance in Pakistan, it seems like the Indian media is still not able to digest the preliminary results. The election is being watched closely by the neighboring country.

As the outcome of Pakistan’s contentious election could have a dramatic impact on its relationship with neighboring countries, especially arch-rivals India, and their President Narindra Modi, the Indian media seems quite invested in the polls.

The anxiety struck journalists have been speaking against the landslide victory of Imran Khan, and think it will not favor India. The neighboring country believes that Imran Khan’s victory can create some serious problems for India.

The media believes if Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf manages to seal majority after the poll verdict, Imran Khan can make things difficult for India. Earlier, the Indian media accused Khan of backing banned military outfits, and even tagged the PTI chairman as “Taliban Khan”

A news anchor from an Indian channel alleged that PTI chief’s only mission is to punish India, and he has been working on that from the beginning. They further alleged that Imran Khan exploited anti-Indian sentiments to gain grounds for the PTI in elections.

After the uproar triggered by the Indian media over Pakistan General Elections, Foreign office on Thursday asked the neighboring country to focus on its internal affairs. The Foreign Office statement read

“Election is a part of democratic process; Indian media must focus on its internal matters”

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