In an impeccable example of fan behavior after a FIFA World Cup 2018 match, instead of partying after the win, the Japanese fans tasked themselves with cleaning up the litter. While their team earned praise for their performance in the ground, their fans grabbed everyone’s attention for their work ethic.

The Asian nation beat Columbia 2-1 in their Group H opener after Japan Strike Yuya Osako netted the winner with a 73rd minute crucial header. They earned their first World Cup victory over the European soil at the Mordovia Arena.

Japan Fans
Source: Soccer Hotspot

Amidst the celebrations, in an unprecedented move, the fastidious fans took a break, and cleaned up the rubbish discarded on the floor of stadium. The fans were seen putting card boards, food waste, and plastic bottles scattered below the seats in blue bin bags.

After the team did their country proud, fans draped in the Japanese flags were seen sweeping the stands of the big stadium that can accommodate about 44000 people.

A number of video clips captured the moments post-match after majority of supporters had left the stadium, and were shared on social media. Soon, the internet was full of praise for them.

However, this is not the first time Japanese fans have won hearts like this. Previously in 2014 World Cup played in Brazil, the fans stayed behind to clean up after a 2-1 defeat to Ivory Coast. According to many, the generous gesture is reportedly a part of the Japanese culture.

In a kick-off the next day, the Senegal fans followed the footsteps, and exhibited the same gesture when they were seen picking junk off the ground, and cleaning up the litter after their side earned a historic 2-1 victory over Poland at the Spartak Stadium.

It is something you would probably never see at a sporting event in every country, but hopefully with their actions, Japan have inspired other nations to follow suit.

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