Don’t eat less… it’s a trap!!

Would you believe me if I tell you that dieting can be a fun way to lose weight? Or that you wouldn’t have to cut back your food to shed some fats?  Well you will have to try this to trust me.

There is a diet intown called the ketogenic diet or the low-carb diet which does not put restriction on quantity of food. Rather, it has some other ways of working. (biology alert!!)

It has something to do with metabolism…

Simply put, as petrol to cars, carbohydrates are to our bodies. Normally, glucose is our go-to source of energy, manufactured out of carbs.  But guess what! We can switch the source just like switching it for cars when petrol’s cost sky rockets.

Fats are the new Carbs….

Imagine having a party at your house and calling in your friends to help you out. Now, imagine having a tag along with a friend who is just sitting there and not helping. Rather, adding to the menace. That menace adding, no good dump is ‘fats’ that comes in with food and just sits inside us. It is time to put them to work.

For starters, name your party ‘ketosis’ and hang a ‘no entry’ sign for carbs. Carbs deprived body would eventually seek for alternative, and that would be fats!

More Protein, More fats, lesser carbs

Less than 15g of carbs per day can help you start the process, maintain it and you will evidently see your body shedding all that extra luggage it carries around as fats.

The road to healthy weight…

Normally insulin deals with producing glucose out of carbs. With the help of protein ketones will be generated, extracting energy out of fats in return, dissolving fats.

What to Eat:

a) Mutton

b) Beef

c) Leafy Vegetables

d) High Fat Dairy

What to Avoid:

a) Fruits

b) Vegetables

c) Grains

d) Sugar

e) Desserts

So, when they say quality is better than quantity, they are quintessentially right. Follow this well and you can lose up to 5kgs per month and that too in a healthy manner.

Deemed best to control blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure still caution is to be taken. It is advised to consult doctor before beginning your journey to weight loss.

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