“So many ways to get slimmer but he had to go down the ‘keto lane’’, thought that came into my mind as I entered the kitchen to cook for my husband the very first time after our marriage.

Of course, he was doing just fine by himself, cooking and eating all he could (mostly eggs) but I had to demonstrate to be cliché good wife that I am *regrets*

The Ketogenic Diet..

This term was as alien to me as for some of you here but not anymore. NOT anymore! The daily frown on the usual food and the added effort in the kitchen can make any wife an expert of the diet plan her husband is following. So here it goes.

It is all about protein….

It’s a myth that one will have to cook less when someone goes on diet from the family.

Keto & Protein

The keto diet is all about adding all proteins in and kicking all the carbs out. So, you have to make an All-meat dish without even the hint of anything starchy (not even fruits and grains for crying out loud even though they contain proteins and starch alike!!)..

And that might mean cooking all the chicken in the freezer and all the eggs in a tray for one course if you have a foodie husband.

What it does inside…..

Our metabolism is a funny thing and it sometimes gives us the hint that it is not about how much you eat but ‘what’ you eat if you want to get in shape.

So as soon as the poor lady in the house starts cooking the yummy meaty treats, the metabolism starts shifting (not of the lady but of the one it is cooked for) to a better source of energy i.e. from glucose to ketones.

Now, here is a fun fact…you can eat all the fats you want but be wary of the carbohydrates (less than 20gm are permissible) which might come along. Yes, folks unlike any other diet you can use all the oils and creams and butter. Oh, and also some leafy veggies thankfully!

Man Eating

Does it work??

In front of the stove, thanking that it is not summers yet, I hoped it works, I hoped it does. And after a long month of following the diet plan, I could witness the visible reduction of kilograms in myself and him alike (exaggeration alert!).

In the course of three strict keto’tastic’ months he lost 18kgs as per the weighing machine exclusive of the 5kgs I lost helping him keep up the routine (I have a knack for exaggeration I accept). So, yes it does work.

Does Keto Work

Ok so, To the aspirers of losing weight, go ahead and try it out. And to the young partners of those aspirers, let them cook by themselves!! (do help though)


Please consult the doctor before starting to plan for the diet. And do not do it without thoroughly studying about it.

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