Momina Mustehsan through her voice takes us on a melodious journey since her Coke Studio performance everyone has been swooning over this diva.

From the perfect smile to her melodious voice, Momina is truly an asset for our musical industry. Even though she has not yet released many songs, but the one’s she already has are surely not to be missed!

Momina Mustehsan

For anyone who doesn’t know who Momina Mustehsan is (something I doubt), here is a short introduction of this starlet. She is basically a singer and song-writer who rose to fame after her wonderful duet with Farhan Saeed in Pee Jaun; people loved the voice but not many knew who the face is behind the beautiful voice.

Momina Mustehsan Songs

Apart from being a singer, Momina Mustehsan is also a musician and plays different instruments like the guitar and voilen; she has depicted her talent in quite a few of her songs.

List of Momina Mustehsan Songs – Must Listen!

So, here goes the complete list of Momina Mustehsan Songs. Enjoy!

Pee Jaun

This beautiful song was released in the year 2012 and is a duet of Momina and Farhan Saeed, from Jal band. It has extremely emotional lyrics and is the perfect mixture of romance and emotions.

The voices of Momina and Farhan are more than perfect for this particular song and provide it with the perfect touch, to rule over the hearts of the listeners.

Awari Song

Momina Mustehsan’s voice is not only loved in Pakistan; she has earned considerable fame across the border as well. She sang the Awari Song by Soch band for the Indian film, Ek Villain in 2014. Her voice has added so much more beauty to this song and this was just what the director, Mohit Suri wanted.

However, it was later revealed that Momina was unaware that the song would be used in a film at the time it was recorded. She was studying in New York at the time and recorded this song in her university dorm! Interesting enough, right?

Afreen Afreen

Momina made her debut in Coke Studio Season 9 with a duet with Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali; this song which raised her to fame and earned the video over 128Million views! Afreen Afreen song brought to light not only her melodic voice, but people (mainly guys) were amazed at how pretty she is.

This song was initially sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina’s part was added later on in the Coke Studio version. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful song!

Tera Woh Pyar

This was another song in Coke Studio Season 9 which starred Momina Mustehsan, in a duet with Asim Azhar. This song is an addition to Nawazishein Karam and is a beautiful rendition of the song; the romantic tunes have been perfectly sung by both the young singers and have given life to it.

The sounds of the piano and sitar add a beautiful touch to the song and as the song build up energy halfway through, it unites the pop music of old times with the current in a wonderful way.

Main Raasta

Yet another soundtrack from Coke Studio Season 9 in which we saw Momina Mustehsan in a different music genre, Main Raasta is a must listen! This rock song has been produced by Strings and the music has been directed by Noori; the lead singers being Momina and Junaid Khan.

Both these singers have formed the perfect rock partnership in this song and the musical assistance make Main Raasta the best new pop rock song for us. Not to mention, Momina has also herself played the electric guitar in this song and amazed us with her tremendous talent!


Momina Mustehsan came back in Coke Studio Season 10, Episode 1 with her amazing duet with Danyal Zafar. Both their voices complement each other and add a sweet touch to this song.

What’s more cute is that these two young stars are best friends in real life and watching them sharing the screen is a delight to watch.

Ghoom Taana

This is another song of Coke Studio sung by Momina Mustehsan and Irteassh. This is also part of the Season 10 and has been musically directed by Salman Ahmed.

We see Momina in a different light after this song since it is a bit different than her other songs, but beautiful nonetheless.

Jee Liya

This beautiful song has been inspired by all the stories of survival we see around us. It is a single by Momina and its video opens up with a statement by the singer herself.

She sang this song for Cornetto Pop Rock 2 and it is a very nice and sweet song.

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay

Momina Mustehsan, after earning so much stardom, has also sung the title track for our very own Pakistani movie.

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay stares Feroze Khan and Sajal Ali; this movie might not have earned much ratings but the title track surely did.


So, these are the Momina Mustehsan Songs; Your *favorite starlet* has sung up till now!

She is currently continuing her studies in New York but we are sure she will be back to delighting us with her melodious voice soon enough.

Until then, play these on repeat and have fun!

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