Through good times, or the bad, it’s the melodies of our artists that help the spirits soar. Recall the 1965 war, when Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hasan, and Masood inspired the Pakistani soldiers fighting at the front. But with that era gone, the patriotic army songs genre never really took off.

 “Mere mehboob watan, tujh pe agar jan ho nisar mein ye yamjhoon ga, thikaane laga sarmaya-e-tan.”

(Oh my beloved homeland, if I die for you today, I believe that my purpose in life will be achieved.)

Our spirit to sing the national songs, and wave our flags has disappeared but not all hope is lost. So, we attempted to remind the fellow citizens of our glorious patriotic compositions. Now, it’s time to honor those who fight valiantly. So, what’s a better way to honor them, then to remind the nation of their sacrifices? This one goes for those who laid down their lives for the well being of the country!

Ay Watan K Sajeelay Jawanon

Only Noor Jahan could sing a masterpiece like this. This song not only motivated the soldiers fighting the wars, it also helped them clear their minds, thoughts, spirits, and ambitions and reminded them of their unified goal – the responsibility of protecting the motherland that had given them an identity, freedom and a sense of belonging.

Kasam Us Waqt Ki

When it comes to the artists who were always ready to produce goose bumps inducing patriotic songs, Junaid Jamshed is always in the list. This song pays tribute to the soldiers of Pakistan’s armed forces – army, navy, and the air force. It also eulogizes the sacrifices that the military has rendered to keep the country safe.

Ay Puttar Hatan Te Nae Wikdey

In the 1965 war, after the attack on Lahore was repulsed by the brave soldiers, Noor Jahan recorded this Punjabi composition that’s penned down by the famous poet Sufi Tabasum. Here, Noor Jahan not just praises the brave sons; she also mentions that nothing can deter their motivation. The song instantly captured the hearts of millions of Pakistanis.

Allah o Akbar

Inayat Hussain Bhatti lent his voice for this tribute in the year 1958. The song pays rich tribute to the struggles of the soldiers, and also encourages them to never bend down during the tough times. The music of this song is upbeat, and the lyrics are optimistic, reaffirming the nation’s belief in its soldiers.

Ay Rah-e-Haq k Shaheedo

This masterpiece was originally sung by Naseem Begum during the 1065 war but later on, numerous playback singers gave their voice to this song including the melody queen Noor Jahan. However, the number of versions doesn’t matter here, what matters is that the song gives us goose bumps every time. Coke Studio Season 9’s rendition of this song brought it back to its glory.

Ye Ghazi Ye Tere Purasrar Banday

This composition has the ability to move anyone to tears. The song enunciates that while the soldiers are now deprived of their lives, their legacy lives on. The lyrics of this kalam are penned down by none other than the Poet of East himself, Dr Allama Iqbal. The song has had many renditions so far, each great in its own way.

Meine Janma Hai Tujhko Watan K Liye

Meine Janma Hai Tujhko Watan K Liye is a heart-wrenching tribute to a mother, and from a mother to those who fight the extremists endlessly. It portrays the struggles of a mother who longs to see her son, who’s fighting the enemy. Also shows that love for the motherland exceeds the love for the mother.

Apni Jaan Nazar Karun

Apni Jaan Nazar Karun is a tremendous tribute to the armed forces by none other than Mehdi Hasan. His soulful voice added life to the soulful lyrics of the song, and it became an immediate hit in the country. The song was repeatedly played on radio back in the days.

Mere Dhol Sipahya

Mere Dhol Sipahya depicts the love of a wife for her beloved husband who’s fighting the enemy at the front, where she is constantly praying for her husband’s life. The song won millions of hearts back then, and was later recreated by Shehzad Roy to pay homage to a General who laid his life in FATA.

Tum Hi Se Ay Mujahido

A beautiful composition by Alamgir – Tum Hi Se Ay Mujahido is a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force – the defenders of the sky. Besides the wonderful vocals of Alamgir, it’s the poetry by Abdul Majeed Salik that wins hearts. The song aptly describes the status of a martyr in the line “Shaheed ki jo maut hai wo qoum ki hayat hai”

Allah Se Darnay Walay

“Allah se darnay walay dartay nahi aur kisi se” – What a way to give message to the enemies! Dedicated to the brave sons of the soil, this song is one of the most popular compositions of Pakistan. The song never fails to bring out the patriotism out of any Pakistani. The lyrics are a morale booster for our soldiers as well.


Jawad Ahmad is the flag bearer of patriotism and undoubtedly, Dosti by Jawad Ahmed is one of the most heard patriotic songs. It makes you teary eyed every time, no matter what state are you while listening to the song. The video of the song became immensely popular, as it highlights the tale of three friends who serve in the military, and how they are separated because of war.

Dharti Dharti Apni Maa

When it comes to singing a patriotic song about the love for motherland, who else can put the heart and soul in it except Rahat Fateh Ali Khan? The song highlights the struggles of army personnel who leave their loved ones behind to serve the motherland.

Imtehan Hai

Imtehan Hai is the official soundtrack for the popular drama series Faseele-e-jaan se Aagay that narrates the brave struggles of valiant soldiers of Pakistan. The drama picked up the stories of valor of real life heroes, and recreated them. The soundtrack adds more depth to the concept, thanks to the powerful voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Jaag Utha Hai Sara Watan

Another song that was penned down during the 1965 war, this song, as evident from its name, talks about the unity of the whole nation when bad times struck the country. The song managed to create a great impact in the nation.

While it’s true that the golden era of beautiful renditions of patriotic songs is long over, but the spirits still soar high as we hear these melodies. If you have a favorite, let us know in the comments section. Cheers!

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