If your band has got game, get ready for the battle as Pepsi Battle of the Bands is back with bigger plans this time around. Musicians across Pakistan, it’s time to rejoice as the bands are back. Pepsi has launched the third season of its Battle of the Bands – and it’s time it’s bigger and better than ever.

BoB shaped up the future of bands in Pakistan!

Return of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands was a ray of hope for the Pakistan music industry that’s hardly surviving in the soundscape, where you hardly come across a band that has the potential to be the next Vital Signs, or Junoon.

In essence, Battle of the Bands is all about promoting young and promising bands. The show finally gave a platform to the dying bands to make their mark in the industry, and to foster new talent.

About 100 bands fought to prove that they can make it big, and have the potential to survive beyond the show. We saw bands that were unapologetically loud, and those who were melodious, and a pleasure to listen to. Now, before the auditions of the 3rd season of the show, let us tell you about all that went down in the first two seasons.

2002 – A beginning of musical creativity

Every 90s kid would remember when Pepsi Battle of the Band first aired on PTV. Even if you don’t, we are here to remind you because the year sounds incomplete without the mention of Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands
Source: Pepsi Pakistan

The show gave us many successful bands swamping of talent. They all entered the battlefield to prove their worth, and the judges had a hard time to choose the ones to take to next round, and those to leave behind.

As for the judges, the acclaimed music producers Shahi Hasan, and Rohail Hyatt graced the show with their presence alongside the Pakistani music critic Fifi Haroon.

Bands brought their A game to the show!

Hundreds of bands rocked the stage with scintillating performances, and youthful energy depicting the sheer talent that lies in the country. Among those who managed to win hearts were Aaroh, E.P, Meekal Hasan Band, Aks, and Mizmaar.

Battle of the Bands EP
Source: Dawn

The winner Aaroh went on to become an iconic band!

Pepsi Battle of the Bands wrapped up in the Grand Finale with Aaroh finally emerged as the winner. The inaugural season was won by Aaroh, who outshined Entity Paradigm (E.P) in the Finale by a narrow margin.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands kick started the careers of many musicians that became quite a name and music icons after the show such as E.P, Aaroh, Meekal Hassan Band, and Mizmaar.

Battle of the Bands Aaroh
Source: Tribune

The resurrection – Rebirth of BoB after 16 years!

The musical journey resurrected in 2017, and made a powerful comeback. The show returned after 15 years, and perhaps, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it took the music industry and the audiences alike by storm.

In the second season of the show, the team included music insiders like Ahsan Bari, Faisal Baig on the creative team, and Atif Aslam, Meesha Shafi, Shahi Hasan and Fawad Khan on its judging panel.

Battle of the Bands Judges
Source: Mangobaaz

The Star-studded Grand Finale!

The Grand Finale was grand in many ways. It opened up to a night of some star studded performances by Meesha Shafi, Shahi Hasan, Ali Azmat, Aaroh, and Atif Aslam but the much-awaited reunion happened too.

And then Fawad Khan’s reunion with music happened! FOR REAL!

The moment we spotted Salman Albert on the drums along with Ahmad Ali Butt, the fans held on their hearts. Was an EP reunion in pipeline? The dust was settled when Pepsi confirmed the reunion.

Battle of the Bands EP Reunion
Source: Express Tribune

The Grand Finale of the season had all the ingredients to go down in the history as EP reunited for it, and made a mega come-back as they rocked the night with a stellar performance on their super hit track ‘Humesha’. Also, can we please mention how much we adore Fawad Khan? He rocked the stage with his powerful vocals.

Kashmir conquered the battle!

In the second season of the show, Kashmir the Band took the crown, after they gave a fabulous performance on ‘Parwana Hun’. On the other hand, the power-packed trio of Badnaam performed the song ‘Deh Khudaya’ with their message of Sufism with the rock touch.

Battle of the Bands Winner Kashmir
Source: Pepsi Pakistan

The response to the show was overwhelming, to say the least. Kashmir was announced the winner, and rightly so, the entire country agreed.  The show provided a great platform to the musicians across the country, but it will be interesting to see who establishes themselves as the next big thing of music industry from here.

The stage is on fire again for Season 3!

Clear your schedule as Pepsi Battle of the Bands has returned on the TV screens. This time around, Strings is among the judges, along with Fawad Khan, and Meesha Shafi. Furthermore, the former band member of EP Ahmed Ali Butt joined Ayesha Omar as the host.

Battle of the Bands Judges
Source: The News

The show roped in some of the finest musicians of the country. The bands that came for auditions were raw, fresh, and ready to fight out in the battles. Among the top 6 bands we have this year are Déjà vu, Tamasha, 21 the band, Xarb, Kaghaz and Bayaan that are striving to woo the audiences.

What’s in it for the bands? The winning band gets Rs. 5 million, besides a music album contract, concerts across Pakistan, and lifetime royalties on their music. With third season airing right now, and progressing towards the finale, we can’t wait to see who takes the crown this year. Cheers!

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