What an exciting match it was! It was a perfect ending to PSL 2018, I say; the adrenaline rush of the nail-biting match that was put up by Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi had everyone at the edge of their seats. All thanks to Asif Ali who at the moment of need brought the best in him and lifted up not only the spirit of the fans but he also won the game for his team. Simply Superb!

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Islamabad seemed to have the game in their hands even from the beginning; the overall team performance did not disappoint us even for one second. However, there was a time towards the end of the second innings when it seemed that Zalmi may recover but that too didn’t last for long. The Three consecutive sixes by Asif Ali washed away all the hopes of Zalmi fans where he bagged 26 runs which proved to be the winning scores for the team United.

Apart from the marvelous endeavors by Asif Ali, Ronchi played a stupendous innings for Islamabad United and proved that he is definitely the best that Islamabad has. Although, the batsmen chased the target in quite a nonchalant way but the remarkable performance by the bowlers of Islamabad United cannot be ignored. After all, it’s all because of their extraordinary bowling that lead United towards winning the PSL Finale 2018.


So, here we have dug out all the priceless moments provided by the Islamabad United bowlers that you must see again which are also proved to be the best PSL moments of 2018.

PSL Finale 2018 – Islamabad United Bowlers Making us Happy

As Zalmi won the toss and elected to bat first, it’s befitting to start our exploration of best moments of PSL Finale 2018 given to us by the Islamabad United bowlers in the first innings.

Summit Patel on a roll – Sending back Kamran Akmal & Muhammad Hafiz

The Zalmi batting line-up started with Kamran Akmal and Andre Fletcher; they were playing just fine up until Summit Patel proved his magic on field and stroke the ball with a perfect lbw which resulted in sending Akmal back to the dressing room, even opting for a review could not save him. Sigh!

With a perfect ball of a perfect bowler there is always a perfect catch; on the first ball of the 5th over, Patel again took over the bowling sequence which allowed him to avail another great catch of Zalim’s gem Muhammad Hafiz for his team.

Shadab Khan the ever beauty – Saying bye to Fletcher, Umaid Asif & Sammy

One true precious diamond that Islamabad United has today might be Shadab Khan; with his great bowling technique and perfect timing he took a very important wicket for United. Andre Fletcher was sent to dugout with quite an ease and perfection, all thanks to Shadab.

That’s not it for Shadab, he took another very important wicket for the United; Darren Sammy was sent back quite early by Shadab along with Umaid Asif. Now that’s called perfection!

Hussain Talat taking Chris Jordan’s & Saad Nasim’s wicket

Another worthy catch was taken by JP Duminy which gave Islamabad United uproar on the field. Bowled by Hussain Talat Chris Jordan was sent back to the pavilion to take rest for the remaining innings. Beautifully bowled and perfectly caught!

The 15th over did not prove to be so good for the Zalmis as Hussain Talat took another wicket and this time it was Saad Nasim. Well played!

Hasan Ali’s departure by Faheem Ashraf

Well, Islamabad United is always coming up with some great raw talent, and this time it might be Faheem Ashraf who ‘like a pro’ took Hasan Ali’s wicket bringing joy to all the fans of United.

The perfect Bowled by Muhammad Sami (Liam Dawson’s Wicket)

What’s a match without making that wicket flying up in the air; Sami gave us a perfect bowled with his exceptional piece of bowling and hit the wicket sending Dawson back to the Pavilion.

Well, the bowling sequence proved to be the best for Islamabad United; however, the Great Battling Line-up also provided us with a nail-biting innings so the credit of winning the match goes to all the team. ‘United We Stand & Win’ definitely is an ideal representation of the attitude that Islamabad United as a team withholds.

A great Match indeed!

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