Your wedding date is coming closer and you’ve sorted out how everything needs to be done except your wedding lehenga! It’s every girl’s dream to locate that flawless lehenga, the kind that makes her look amazing with the right color, cut and embellishments. Finding the perfect lehenga is a daunting task!

She gathers these considerations, pictures and spares them and expectations they help her find what she needs when the time comes! There are dependably a couple of questions and inquiries concerning how to make that blessing from heaven, and I am here to help you with all that!

Wedding Lehenga

So you’re out looking for your wedding, and you’ve purchased nearly everything aside from your wedding lehenga.

What’s more, in the wake of going by various fashion studios and boutiques, when your eyes at long last fall on exactly what you’ve been searching for, your fervor knows no limits. With a wide grin put over your face, you quickly scan at the cost label concealed somewhere close to the ravishing lehenga.

Be that as it may, when the plain white tag with that extravagant number of zeros gazes back at you, you quietly put the outfit back on the counter and leave. But WAIT! Who said you can’t have it? No, I am not at all saying that you surpass your financial plan and consume a gap in your pocket.

Your dreamy wedding lehenga could leave a gap in your pocket. In any case, if altering your outfit is at the forefront of your thoughts, at that point these tips will help you to modify your fantasy wedding lehenga to fit your financial plan.

Wedding Lehenga

One more thing, think about what young ladies, you don’t need to go all matchy – matchy with regards to lehengas!

Coordinating your choli to your lehenga and attempting to locate precisely the same of dupatta is so last season. Try new colors and keep it a little simple trust me when I say that but it will make you look flawless.

ALSO, let me tell you in the year 2017, there were many brides who were breaking stereotypes by wearing light and comfortable dresses for their wedding which I think was a great idea!

Tips to Find that Perfect Wedding Lehenga

Keep Looking Here and There For Stuff

At whatever point you do discover something that resembles to the lehenga that you have dreamt of then keep these photos somewhere safe. They can be magazine cuttings, pictures you spot on the web or something you saw at the store. Save these pictures with the goal that when it’s the correct time, you have pictures to clarify what you’re searching for!

Wedding Lehenga
Source: Instagram

First Things First, Fix Your Budget

All things considered, the lehenga isn’t the main thing you will purchase, correct? On the off chance that you extremely like something and it’s ending up being route past your financial plan, run with that plan to fashioners who chip away at bring down spending plans. I’m certain they’ll have the capacity to make something fabulous for you!

Wedding Lehenga - Fix Your Budget

Collect Your Materials

Stop depending on someone else for everything, its time for you to move. Nothing can be superior to sourcing your own particular materials for the lehenga. You can hit the neighborhood markets to purchase tassels and other such stuff at sensible costs. Beyond any doubt it requires some exertion yet it’s justified regardless of each penny.

Wedding Lehenga - Collect Your Materials
Source: Dawn

Check Out Local Stores

You may be astonished to realize that in the event that you surf the paths of some nearby markets in your city, you have high odds of discovering some ravishing designs for half or even less than that as compared to some designer’s dress.

The brand doesn’t make a difference with regards to your wedding lehenga, what makes a difference is how you carry the dress!

The enormous stores don’t permit a considerable measure of customization and your haggling powers too won’t work much. Complete a touch of research and don’t be reluctant to rope in neighborhood originators or boutiques to do your wedding outfit.

Wedding Lehenga - Local Stores
Source: ID Studio 24/7

Follow Popular Designers/ Magazines

Here’s one super useful point and that is to follow your favorite designers/blogs/magazines on Instagram, Facebook etc to discover what the most recent gathering resembles, what the new patterns are, regardless of whether there are deals going on, or what will be in vogue.

You have to stalk the fashionistas and designers. I kid you not, once you’ve done your research, you’ll know precisely where to get what you need!

Wedding Lehenga - Follow Popular Designers
Source: Karachista

Tassel Up your Outfit

An incredible method to add  blingy effect to your outfit is to stack it with some tassels.

Wedding dupattas are extremely heavy and sometimes they don’t even let you move your head but what if the duppatta is not that heavier? Will you be okay with it? Go in for a plain dupatta with minimal work and include some heavy tussles on the sides.

The market is brimming with new decoration styles that aren’t extremely costly either. Add a group of tassels on outfit and in a split second make any outfit look more full and dressier. Hang them on the side of lehenga to look dressy or from the four corners of your wedding dupatta – this is something you have to experiment with.

Wedding Lehenga - Tassel Up your Outfit
Source: Get that Look

Keep it Light & Flowy

It’s your wedding so I won’t request that you trade off yet do remove it where conceivable. Your shirt, for example, will be secured by the dupatta. This is the place you can take out the kadhai and keep it plain. A trim at the neck and sleeves ought to be adequate.

Not to fogget the extremely heavy dresses overloaded with a lot of work are a thing of the past. So, keep it light, keep it simple and let everybody drool over you.

Wedding Lehenga - Keep it Light & Flowy
Source: EasternEye

So, these were just some of the tips to help you in getting the most beautiful lehenga for your big day. Don’t stress and follow these simple steps to make your wedding lehenga look like a dream without much of an hassle. Cheers!

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