Imagine a dream place where the mountains are mighty, view is serene, the people hospitable, and fruits are abundant – that’s Hunza Valley for you. Hunza is indeed the most beautiful natural sight on Earth, and if it’s not in your bucket list yet, you are doing life wrong.

Hunza Valley
source: DAWN

Until few years back, no one knew about the beauty that lied in Gilgit Baltistan, imagine not knowing about the most ethereal place on earth. Shocking! But thanks to the incredible media, tourists soon started pouring in to see the heaven on earth, and boy! There’s no stopping them now.

Enveloped in the Karakoram, and grand Himalayas, Hunza is a great tourist attraction, thanks to the beautiful places to see, food to eat, and people to greet. So, here’s a tourist guide to the mesmerizing beauty of Hunza, in case you decide to visit the heaven on Earth.

Sunrise from Eagle’s Nest

First things first, there’s nothing more spectacular than witnessing sunrise in Eagle’s Nest and your trip is incomplete without it. Situated at an almost 30 minute uphill drive from Karimabad, this place will make you fall in love with it again and again. So, if you happen to go there, don’t forget to witness the sky change colors from Eagle’s Nest.

Eagle's Nest Hunza
source: DAWN

View from Baltit Fort

About 700 years old, and influenced by the Tibetan architecture, Baltit Fort is a glorious fort that remains erected in the rocky outcrop near the base of ultar peaks. To reach the magnificent fort, you will need to climb through the narrow streets of the fort for some good twenty minutes, but once you reach it, the view is worth the exertion.

Baltit Fort Hunza
source: Pamir Times

The history of Baltit fort is just as magical as the fort is inspired by the princess of Baltistan who was married to the Mir of Hunza. She brought in Balti masons to build the spectacular monument. Having many prisons and dungeons, Baltit fort was once a symbol of oppression, but now it stands as one of the most visited monuments of the world.

Altit Fort & the fascinating Architecture

If you are planning to visit Hunza any time soon, Altit Fort should be on the top of your to-see list.  Built some 1100 years ago by the ruling family of Hunza, the Altit fort still stands tall as the most astonishing architectural structures of all times . The grandeur of Altit fort still remains unmatched.

Altit Fort Hunza
source: DAWN

The serene view from Rakaposhi View Point

Located at about an hour drive from Gilgit, when you are traveling towards Hunza, lies the majestic Rakaposhi mountain. You can enjoy the view from Rakaposhi view point of the mighty mountains, and enjoy a cup of tea there.

Cup of Coffee at Café de Hunza

What’s better than a cup of coffee in the mountains? Treat yourself with the best coffee in Hunza, with a breath-taking view. The cozy Café de Hunza is a must-visit, and promises a treat of lifetime. While relishing your coffee, you can read books, and enjoy the serene view. From cakes, to pancakes, choose anything to enjoy with your coffee. Their particularly famous item is the Hunza walnut cake – a dense cake with caramel walnut filling. *drools*

Cafe de Hunza
source: DAWN

Explore the wonder of Hunza – Passu Cones

Traveling from Karimabad to Khunjerab pass, you will see the might Passu Cones on the Karakoram Highway. It is a set of great mountain peaks in the mesmerizing village of Passu, beside the Hunza river. The peaks, also known as “Passu Cathedral” are at about 6106 meters, and are one of the most photographed peak of the region.

Passu Cones
source: Pakistan travel guide

Boating at Attabad Lake

Would you rather believe this beautiful lake is indeed a miracle of nature? The lake wasn’t there until 2010, and was formed only after the massive landslide in 2010, which blocked the flow of Hunza River for five months. But now Attabad Lake stands beautiful in all its glory at some distance from the town itself. The water is in a striking shade of blue, and the lake is surrounded by mighty mountains. Go, visit the beauty for yourself!

Attabad Lake Hunza
source: Pinterest

Shopping at Karimabad Bazaar

If there’s one thing we never grow tired of besides food, it’s shopping. So why stop yourself when you are in Hunza? Explore the Karimabad Bazaar on your own and enjoy the magnificent view of the valley from the Bazaar as well. The market is full of local shops swamped with local stuff, mostly handmade by the ladies of Hunza.

Not only is the place good to explore the culture of the town, you will also hear some interesting stories from the shopkeepers as well.

Munching at Glacier Breeze Restaurant

But wait, your Hunza trip is never complete without munching on the scrumptious apricot cake from Glacier Breeze Restaurant – it’s mouth watering, to say the least. The restaurant itself is in the middle of nowhere, on the top of some hill where you have to climb a lot of steps to get to the café but it’s nice, it’ll help you make some space in your stomach for the cake. It would be injustice not to mention their filter coffee, goes great with the cake.

Glacier Breeze Restaurant Hunza
source: DAWN

Don’t worry if you are not the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by people, as if you want to avoid the tourist rush, you can always explore the beauty from the beautiful town Gulmit and Passu.

Witnessing Serene Nights of Hunza Valley

While the days are glorious because of the spectrum of colors the valley offers, the nights are just as serene. The valley offers a beautiful view of surrounding valley and mountains everywhere, and a magnificent view of Baltit Fort in a distance. There’s no pollution, no noise, so you can enjoy the clear sky full of stars with some good music.

And while we are talking about the beauty of the valley itself, it wouldn’t be fair to not talk about the beautiful people of Hunza. People of Pakistan generally are quite welcoming but hands down, the people of Gilgit Baltistan are beautiful inside out.

Nights in Hunza
source: DAWN

So, hit the road, and enjoy the completely different experience of driving right through the mountains, along the Karakoram highway.

We are pretty sure you are mesmerized just by seeing the pictures by now, but pictures don’t do justice to the enchanting beauty of Hunza, so make this beautiful valley your next destination as it will definitely make you ask yourself why you didn’t visit it earlier! Cheers!

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