Nothing instills the love for a country in the hearts of our youth, especially the children, than Pakistani National Songs. The soulful lyrics, tunes, and green flags are goose bumps inducing, no matter how far you are from the motherland, the songs bring out the maximum national fervor Pakistanis can ever muster.

Remember when the TV channels would play the Pakistani National Songs as soon as August started? They not only inculcated the love for the country, but also developed fondness for the country within every single one of us. Today, we honor those who gave us some great melodies by taking a trip down the lane so let’s reminisce the songs that make us fall in love with Pakistan every day.

Dil Dil Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan – our second National Anthem – winning hearts of every Pakistani since forever! This song can live in every Pakistani’s heart for eternity. Every time you listen to it, you feel a deep connection to the motherland. The song never gets old, and that’s exactly why it was ranked third in the BBC World Service poll of the most popular songs. Need I say more?

Hai Jazba Junoon

In Pakistan, cricket binds the nation together but his timeless song gives you a rush of emotions every time, cricket or no cricket. Jazba Junoon still reverberates around the country every time Pakistan plays a cricket match. The patriotic song by our rock music’s finest band Junoon gets everyone to bang their heads till date.

Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai

Mehdi Hasan’s voice holds the pure feeling of one’s love for the country, and nothing explains it better than this national song. The song’s lyrics are simple, yet so powerful that this song alone is enough to create a sense of pride amongst the new generation.

Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan

Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan is an iconic number that was penned down by one of the most renowned poet Jamiluddin Aali. Shehnaz Begum’s vocals made this composition immortal by delivering it with just the right emotions.

Sohni Dharti

This particular composition of Sohail Rana is nothing less than legendary. Many have sung it including Mehdi Hasan, Habib Wali Muhammad, and Shehnaz Begum, and each version is amazing on its own.

Hum Zinda Qaum Hain

There is something about this song that tugs the strings of every Pakistani hearts. Hum Zinda Qaum Hain went on to become a national anthem of sorts, and one of the biggest hits of the Benjamin Sisters. The song leaves you craving for more.

Is Parcham K Saye Talay

A timeless composition by the maestro trio, the Benjamin Sisters! What makes this song great is not only the vocals, but the message – of unity, irrespective of backgrounds. Every time I see the Pakistani flag soaring high, I remember this song. A legendary composition like no other!

Chand Meri Zameen

Your national songs playlist is truly incomplete without this melody. It truly gets the spirit of independence going with the powerful lyrics, and fine vocals. Written by poet Saqi Javed, and sung by none other than Amanat Ali Khan, the song was first recorded for Radio Pakistan.

Khayal Rakhna

Alamgir made this song immortal the way he brings his feelings of a new Pakistani (He was born and raised in East Pakistan) to this composition by Nisar Bazmi. The song also features two of the three Benjamin Sisters who made their way to stardom after this song.

Watan Ki Mitti Gawah

This song by Nayyara Noor is still unmatched even after all these years. She breathes life to the Masroor Anwar’s lyrics, making it one of the most patriotism-inducing songs in history.

Apni Jaan Nazar

Apni Jaan Nazar by the maestro Mehdi Hasan never fails to instill an overwhelming emotion in Pakistanis. It gives you a feeling of sheer gratitude to the defenders of the nations.

Humara Parcham

A song that can still make you stand up, and enjoy the spirit of Independence like we did in the nineties! Naheed Akhtar lent her beautiful voice for this song penned down by the poet Saif Zulfi.

Aye Watan Pyare Watan

What does one say about Ustad Asad Amanat Ali Khan? A legend of its own! This national song by him never ceases to amaze me. The beautiful tune, the soulful lyrics, it’s nothing less than magic.

Tera Pakistan Hai Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai

This tune is the sound of people’s hearts that was put in words by Amjad Hussain, and was beautifully sung by Sohail Rana. Decades after, the song is still in our hearts, and is played every August when the nation celebrates Independence in full spirit.

Jug Jug Jiye Meray Pyara Watan

Another beloved national song by Naheed Akhtar that still kindles the same feeling that it did the first we heard it. The song was one of the most played songs on Radio back in the days when it came out. Listen to it to know why!

Aye Jawan

If you remember this song playing at every school celebration, at every Independence Day performance, then you had an awesome childhood. The song always makes you bang your head like a freak. I don’t know what I love more; the song itself or the dance steps of Haroon and Fakhir.


Despite being decades old, the song still touches the hearts and the minds alike, of those who are exposed to it. One of Vital Sign’s final songs, and one of their finest as well!

Mera Paigham Pakistan

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a legend. Mera Paigham Pakistan was the first time the qawwaali vocalist ventured into this territory. But even then, he was on the top of his game. The song was penned down by Jamiluddin many years before Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan turned it into an energetic patriotic song.

Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon

Nothing brings out the warmth of the love of country better than this song by the Iran-born singer Mohammad Ali Shyhaki. This song is one of the best penned, composed and sung songs in Pakistan’s history. It not just induces patriotism, but injects a sense of brotherhood as well.

So, grab your headphones, get pumped up, and celebrate the country in full swing.  I am pretty sure by the time your playlist of Pakistani National Songs ends; you would be ready to wear the badge on your chest. Cheers!

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