Are you a foodie? If not then this article is definitely going to tantalize your taste buds. Here is a treat for all the foodies who are in search of trying out something new. In the event that you are a foodie, you should definitely check out this rundown of the best cities in the world for the most Scrumptious Food.

The love for FOOD is REAL guys and I am not even kidding. People who eat openly are the most joyful individuals on the planet. The catastrophe is that life is too short to eat and there is a plenty of most delectable food on the planet. As miserable as that reality seems to be, life is unquestionably not very short to find out however much as could reasonably be expected of the best food that you can find on the planet.


On the off chance that you at any point required motivation to move, let your affection for food be the main thrust that takes you puts and conveys the world to your plate. As a foodie and a ravenous pilgrim, I present to you a portion of the best cities for food that you should definitely add in your BUCKET LIST and visit at least once in your life.

List of Cities to Visit for the Mouth-Watering Food

Ensenada, Mexico

The soaring notoriety of fish tacos has its modest beginnings in San Felipe, extraordinary compared to other cities for food, starting in a modest shop called Rubio’s.

From that point forward, some unbelievable tacos have been made by culinary experts and cooks everywhere throughout the world, the most famous ones including at the fish advertise in Ensenada. You can likewise discover a plenty of crisp fish including shrimp mixed drinks and fish filets there.

Ensenada, Mexico
Source: Delish

Naples, Italy

Let me talk about our bae – the pizza! Unquestionably Pizza is favored by people all around the world. Otherwise called the ‘Hallowed Temple of Pizza‘, Pizzeria da Michele in Naples is known to be the home of the legitimate pizza Neapolitan Pizza – which contains tomatoes, mozzarella cheddar, basil, and olive oil.  Naples is mainstream among the foodies and people come from around the globe to encounter the genuine inceptions of pizza.

Naples, Italy Food

Paris, France

A definitive goal for darlings and foodies alike, France has never stopped to astonish the world with its finest cooking styles and is without a doubt extraordinary compared to other cities. The famous hub for bread, wine, and cheddar darlings, Paris has been an incredible big name for its immaculate taste and a portion of the best food on the planet.

It has accumulated perpetual fame even in prevailing press with movies like Ratatouille, Before Sunset, Midnight in Paris, and Moulin Rouge, all exhibiting the City of Lights.

Paris, France Food

Marrakech, Morocco

On the off chance that you are searching for a blasted of flavors on your sense of taste, joined with the fiery certainty that a dish conveys to your cooking, Morocco is one to take the cake and henceforth includes in our best cities for food.

Tagine – a meat and vegetable dish, moderate cooked in dirt pots, is presented with bread, and best found in the Marrakech commercial center is hands-down the most delicious sustenance on the planet. Throughout the years, local people have aced the specialty of setting up the dish, and the visit is certain to abandon you raving about their indulgences back home.

Marrakech, Morocco Food
Source: The Spruce

Tokyo, Japan

At the point when in Tokyo and needing delightful eats, Shinjuku is your best city for food. The Tsukiji Fish Market additionally serves some nearby fish indulgences that will abandon you needing more. Out of the wide cluster of decisions accessible in Japanese cooking, a portion of the must-have best food on the planet are: tempura, sushi, sashimi, soba, sukiyaki, miso soup, and unagi.

Tokyo, Japan Food

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is a treat for all the cheese lovers out there who want to satisfy their tummies to the fullest. If you are in Bern, Switzerland or you are planning to visit then get ready for some serious comfort food like raclette, cheese feast, fondue and some more cheesy meals. Moreover, after all that cheese if you want something sweet then get yourself a nusstorte which is a mouth-watering dessert.

Bern, Switzerland
Source: Graechen

After consuming all that fancy food, I am sure all of us at some point crave for some serious street food, right? So, Chiang Mai, Thailand is a hub for all the street food lovers out there. There’s a variety of food that you can get to try from the stalls and markets in Chiang Mai which are really famous that includes khao soi, saoiua, gaeng hunglay, kanom jeen nam ngiaw and more.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Source: 2foodtrippers

Dubai is considered as a great place when you want a vacation and we know that it has some of the most amazing places to eat whether it may be fine dining or the usual street food. You are sure to get any type of cuisine that is going to make you fall in love. Just in case you’re looking out for something different, you can try out the dishes that contain camel meat. The camel meat can be found in all the Emirati restaurants.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Source: Al Arabiya

Here comes another place that is considered as a cheese lovers paradise due to excessive variety of dishes that include the most yummilicious cheese like emmental,  edam, maasdammer, and gouda. Moreover, if you want something sweet after all that cheese then you can find the most yummy treats from the food trucks or stalls which includes stroopwafels, fluffy Dutch pancakes called poofertjes and oliebollen and a lot more stuff that is going to fullfill your sweettooth craving.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Source: Astille Revolution

By now you must be starving after reading about all the yummilicious food, add these places on your bucket list right now and try visiting them at least once in your life.

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