Wedding Dress – Check, Wedding Shoes – Check, Wedding Décor- Check, oh wait the most important thing is still left! That is finding the perfect makeup artist or finding the perfect makeup look that you can give yourself for the big day.

On the off chance that anything tops a lady of the hour’s need list the same amount of as the wedding lehenga, it’s the Bridal Makeup. All things considered, each girl needs to look her staggering best on this amazing day of her life.

You thought finding your very own Mr. Right was the hardest choice, yet, guess what? The hardest choice ever is to find the perfect makeup look for your wedding that would actually go with your wedding dress and will make you look flawless. And keeping in mind that you would have an expert makeup artist to work his/her enchantment on you, here are some of the looks that you can look at for inspiration.

Pakistani weddings are super hot (In summers, obviously). The scorching heat which becomes tons more with that heavy outfit and the MAKEUP.

So you see, all that warmth will undoubtedly cause your makeup to run down, however not on the off chance that you wear the correct sort of makeup.

Bridal Makeup

While the majority of us favor a winter wedding, getting the correct makeup look can be a real toughie.

There are tons of questions that come to your mind like should the makeup be bold or should it be neutral? This is the thing that most ladies would ask their makeup artists. I would state, look for motivation from the happening weeks that have passed by.

Get your inspiration from celebrities who just got married, or look out for the fashion shows or just go to some wedding and observe.

Nowadays, minimal makeup is the trend that everybody seems to be following. Bare lips, light eye shadow, light mascara and so on is the thing that managed the slopes.

So, here are a couple of normal Bridal Makeup ideas and tips that you could take inspiration from.

Get Inspiration from These Gorgeous Bridal Makeup Looks

Lets Keep it Light

Gone are the days when you had to make your face look like a coloring book with everything painted on. How gorgeous is this look of a bride who has kept her makeup very light and goes perfectly with the dress. The golden smokey eye with the pink lips is definitely a big yes for this season!

Light Wedding Makeup
Source: Sadaf Farhan Salon & Bridal Studio

All Natural

Anushka Sharma has been in the news for her NO-MAKEUP look on her wedding since the days she got hitched and everybody seems to be drooling over this beautiful couple.

Such a marvel! Keep it light and dewy simply like the stunning Anushka Sharma. A little bit of mascara and a kajal to open up those eyes is a look that is certain to get you bunches of compliments on any of your wedding events.

All Natural Wedding Makeup
Source: Iuth

The Classic Gold and Red Combo

Striking red lips, huge eyelashes, and smokey eyes to coordinate the lip, now that is the way you go hard and fast! How exquisite does she look! Those splendid red matte lips combined with gold sparkle eyes and only a thin swipe of eyeliner. To adjust it out, the cheeks have highlighter and bronzer.

Classic Gold and Red Wedding Makeup
Source: Sadaf Farhan Makeup & Bridal Studio

The Mehndi Bride

Mehndi is an event where natural makeup is preferred without going too over the top. Here is one makeup look that you can take inspiration from and look like a million bucks.

I can’t take my eyes off this lady. How gorgeous does she look? The light pink lipstick with the golden eyeshadow completes the look. Not to forget ht loose curls, the look BOMB!

Mehndi Bride Wedding Makeup
Source: Hermaine’s Salon

Nude Lips & Glowy Skin

As I have mentioned earlier girls, now is the time for LESS IS MORE! How gorgeous does this girl look with a minimal yet a glowy makeup on? Nude lips and peachy cheeks with a little emphasis on the eyes, this look is certain to knock some people’s socks off.

Don’t forget to add highlighter and layers of mascara to finish this look. Other than squashing on her clothes & jewelry, I cherish how this girl has kept her makeup really light on her huge day.

Nude Lips & Glowy Skin Wedding Makeup
Source: Maha’s Photography

Time for Some Smokey Eyes

Don’t get scared to also try something different on your wedding day. Choose a smokey eye makeup look if you think your outfit is too simple and needs that extra glam that makeup can cover. This bride looks absolutely stunning with the smokey eye makeup look and is absolutely nailing it. Who would’ve imagined that smokey eyes and pale peachy lips could look this incredible on a bride?

Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup
Source: Sadaf Farhan Salon & Bridal Studio

Gorgeous Plum Tones

I am head over heels in love with this makeup look by Natasha’s salon! Gorgeous makeup can compliment your outfit very well even if its not that extraordinary. This makeup look has gorgeous plum tones with silver glitter over the lid.The heavy eyelashes with thin strokes of liner complete the look. Don’t forget to add that oink or peachy lip gloss.

Gorgeous Plum Tones Wedding Makeup
Source: Natasha’s Salon

SO, these were some of the bridal makeup looks that you can definitely choose for your big day without hesitation. Go bold or go glowy, the choice is yours!

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