Not long ago, Photography was only limited to specific and special events like weddings and… well, only weddings. But now (and rightfully so), it has become a vital part of almost every event; be it a birthday, a bridal shower, a baby shower or just a random shoot.

Not only that, there are many aspiring and talented people out there who are turning a usual rainy day into a beautiful masterpiece for you through the eye of their camera. So, here we have listed a number of artists who you should definitely follow on their social network.

Best Photographers and Their Work

Waliya Najib Photography

Waliya is a photographer who works from the twin cities; her portfolio deals with portraits, family shoots, couple shoots, babies, graduation shoots, fashion and bridal shoots as well.

Best Photographers Waliya Najib

Moreover, she captures the autumn season with such wonder that you will see this season in a whole new light once you are done with her pictures.

Best Photographers Waliya Najib

Her work is truly profound; the colors and the aura of the pictures is something you will surely love. You can go have a look at her Facebook and Instagram page for her pictures and contact her for her different packages as well.


Zoya Pervaiz, the girl behind this venture, is a young girl with immense talent in what she does. Her pictures are vivid with color and concept; the locations, exquisite. Also, since she is a single female photographer, you girls will have no issue working with her as well.

Best Photographers Toyagraphy

Just like Waliya, she also deals with all different types of shoots except for wedding event photography.

Best Photographers Toyagraphy

Here are her Instagram and Facebook pages; go have a look and book your slot now!

Zulqarnain Ali Syed

This photographer has a very diverse portfolio; his major work is street photography but he has recently started taking up photo-shoots as well.

Best Photographers Zulqarnain

His shoots are further divided into different categories; the best is the concept photography. True to his words, he really does mix Art with Science in his pictures. Zulqarnain is also soon going to launch an application with all his services and their prices, much to your ease.

Best Photographers Zulqarnain

So, have a look at his Instagram page and be in awe of his editing skills.

Usman Zubair

This guy will have you wanting to pack your bags right now and accompanying him on his trips; yes, his pictures are that good.

Best Photographers Usman ZubairUsman basically bikes across Pakistan and captures it all for you to see. His pictures are very captivating and you can see the minute details that you generally miss out on.

Best Photographers Usman Zubair

He does not do paid shoots but you can always go and take a look at his Instagram Profile to please your eyes with all that beauty. And hey, while you’re at there, why not download a picture and make it your screen’s wallpaper?

Totally Trashed

This page is run by yet another person who has an eye that captures the real beauty of our country. Usman, the man behind this page, captures nature in its true essence and puts it up for you to marvel over.

Best Photographers Totally Trashed

The pictures are utterly beautiful; the colors are soothing yet raw. Apart from nature photography, Usman also conducts photo and video shoots as well; you can contact him for the details of those.

Here is his Instagram page; don’t forget to like.

We’re sure that you will love all these pages; besides, it’s always good to promote your local talent as well. These young people are doing an amazing job at photography so it is very important to highlight them.

Well, that’s it for now; check out these pages until we bring you something more exciting.

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