Yakeen ka Safar has been one of the most favorite and talked about drama serial on HumTV this year. A Momina Duraid Production, Yakeen ka Safar translates to The Journey of Faith and oh boy, it has been one beautiful journey.

The story of YKS has been inspired by a novel, Wo Yaqeen ka Naya Safar, which has been written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The drama serial, which aired its first episode on 1st April 2017 and consisted of 29 episodes, focuses on the many issues which plaque our society and it has portrayed them in a truly heart wrenching yet realistic manner so that many of the viewers actually related themselves to the characters in the drama.

Yakeen ka Safar episode 2

YKS has a cast full of promising actors/actresses who carried out their characters flawlessly and made us fall in love with them or hate them from the very first episode. Here, I will give you a detailed overview of what went on in the first 5 episodes of Yakeen ka Safar.

Yakeen ka Safar Cast – We all fell in love with!

The cast of YKS performed their characters in such a dedicated and beautiful way that we fell in love with them from the very first episode! The main cast consisted of the following brilliant actors and actresses

  • Sajal Aly as Zubia
  • Ahad Raza Mir as Dr. Asfandyar
  • Shaz Khan as Daniyal
  • Hira Salman as Geeti
  • Sabeena Syed as Faryal
  • Suhaee Abroo as Noori
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Barrister Usman

Yakeen ka Safar – Captivating Storyline

YKS is different from the usual dramas being aired because it focuses on the societal issues, without sugar-coating the truth. I will now take you on an episode wise journey of the first 10 episodes on Yakeen ka Safar.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 1

The three main families are introduced in this episode. Noori belongs to a poor family in a rural village in Sindh and her father is a farmer. While on her way to teach village children, she is kidnapped and gang raped. Her father keeps looking for her but is unaware of what has happened to his daughter. Zubia and her family live in Karachi and are at the funeral of her mother; her mind flashes back to the physical abuse faced by her mother at the hands of her father. Mahjabeen, Zubia’s Khala comes from Peshawar to console Zubia but faces humiliation from Khalil who warns his family of dire consequences if they tell the truth to anyone. On the other hand, the family of Barrister Usman is celebrating the wedding ceremony of Daniyal and Geeti in Islamabad. Noori is found in the fields and taken to the hospital.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 2

Zubia is tormented by the events that led to her mother’s death. Consequently, she tearfully tells her Khala how Khalil killed her mother when she went to run errands with the driver, upon Zubia’s insistence. Khalil is shown as a typical man who doubts his wife’s character and also physically abuses her. Moreover, Mahjabeen confronts Khalil and is thrown out of the house, never to return again. Daniyal and Geeti start their new life and Asfandyar is also shown as happily engaged with his cousin Faryal.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 3

Noori’s family comes to the hospital to see her but her father does not come inside; he feels that Noori has brought disgrace to the family. Her mother asks her to remain quiet regarding the culprits. but she tells the police that the minister’s son, Jahengir raped her along with his two friends. However, the police brush off the allegations and point fingers at her character instead. Shahnawaz warns the police to not sign an FIR against Jahengir and sends him off to the city.Meanwhile, Khalil is also shown as a hypocrite Muslim who disrespects everyone but talks about religion often. He humiliates Rehan, Sheema and Zubia on matters related to money and is shown as an extremely arrogant man. In addition, Sheema has a loud mouth and is always complaining to Rehan about Zubia or Khalil.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 4

Noori’s father faces humiliation from the police and is forced to remain quiet. He tries to set himself on fire, after which Noori runs away and ends up in Islamabad where Daniyal takes up her case. Daniyal, burdened with work, forgets Geeti’s birthday but she is shown as a very supportive and understanding wife. Unbeknownst to her family, Zubia participates in her college play and starts recovering from her mother’s death.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 5

Khalil forbids Sheema from attending her sister’s wedding and Sheema becomes revengeful. Zubia’s befriends Ramiz, who she met at the college play. Ramiz expresses his feelings to Zubia and she starts meeting him secretly after college. He gifts her a cellphone which Zubia accepts because she likes the attention Ramiz gives her, since she has never felt the affection of her father. Meanwhile, Daniyal meets Noori and promises her that he will get her justice.

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 6

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 7

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 8

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Yakeen ka Safar Episode 10

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 11

Yakeen ka Safar Episode 12

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Summing up, the first 5 episodes introduced us to the characters and mapped out the story-line perfectly well. We personally, can not wait for more episodes; so many questions running in our mind! Will Noori get justice? Is Ramiz true to Zubia? How will Sheema take revenge? Well, to get the answers to all these questions, check out our articles on the remaining episodes.

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