Yakeen ka Safar brought in new faces we fell in love with! Yes guys, I’m talking about our very own and very handsome Ahad raza Mir. Sajal Aly is not a new face but she sure is our favorite, isn’t she? We saw Shaz Khan too for the first time in a drama serial but I am we all remember him from the Coke ad.

The older cast consisted of Ehtisham Uddin, Farhan Ali Agha, Beenish Raja, Sabiha Sumar and Huma Nawab; these very talented and respected actors did not surprise us with their amazing performances throughout.

Here in this article, all the major characters have been discussed; furthermore, the way these character stories played out have also been detailed out so if you have not yet seen Yakeen ka Safar and you ended up here, prepare yourself for major spoilers.

Yakeen ka Safar Cast & Characters

Sajal Aly as Zubia Khalil

Sajal Aly is a highly talented actress and we do not need a proof of that! In YKS, she carried out her character so brilliantly that we could actually see the pain of Zubia in Sajal’s eyes and I am sure, we all cried with her.

Losing her mother at the tender age of 16 and witnessing her death at the hands of her father left Zubia shaken. She falls in love with Ramiz (Nabeel Zuberi) and then starts a trend of secret meetings and phone calls.  Long story short, Zubia makes a mistake which haunts here for years to come and her character development has been amazing.

Sajal Aly Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

From a careless girl of 16, she grows up to become a doctor and takes care of her paralyzed father but, the society does not forgive her for her past mistakes and she lives under the burden of disgracing her family.

She ends up in Neelum Valley, working as a doctor in Asfandyars hospital. Zubia starts to believe she is not worthy of anyone anymore so she hides her feelings for Dr. Asfandyar, but finally and much to our happiness, Zubia and Asfandyar do end up together in the end. Yayy.

Ahad Raza Mir as Dr. Asfandyar

Admit it, Ahad Raza Mir has been the hottest talk of the town since this drama started. Ahad is the son of the very talented senior actor, Asif Raza Mir, and he definitely takes after his father in looks and the exquisite acting talent.

In YKS, Ahad initially played the character of the carefree, music lover Asfandyar who is blindly in love with his fiancé Faryal (Sabeena Syed). Asfandyar looks up to Daniyal, his elder brother, and aspires to become a doctor. The up-to-no-good Asfandyar is later seen as a very sober, serious and devoted doctor who opens up a hospital for the poor in Neelum Valley.

Ahad Raza Mir Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

His character transition was truly heart-rending; Daniyal’s death and the subsequent split-up with Faryal leaves him shattered. Even though we loved the cheery Asfi, we also instantly fell in love with the more serious looking, short haired Dr. Asfandyar.Ahad Raza Mir’s acting has been brilliant in the entire drama and his chemistry with Sajal Aly made us root for the couple in real life as well. But, a drama is just a drama guys!

Shaz Khan as Daniyal

Shaz Khan is a newbie in this industry but he has won our hearts with his performance in YKS. In the beginning, it left like Daniyal was void of emotions and his dialogues were somewhat delivered in monotone, but later on, I am sure we all sympathized with his character.

Shaz Khan Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

A man of truth, Daniyal tried all he could to get justice for Noori, not caring for his own safety. He remains adamant on getting Noori justice and was so close to it, but he gets killed at the hands of Shahnawaz’s men. That specific episode was truly a shocker; I am sure we all thought he would survive but the writer had plans of giving us all a reality shock.

This is what happens in real life: your fight for justice against an influential person almost always costs you your life. Apart from the professional life, the romantic side of Shaz’s character was a treat to watch as well; he was the perfect husband and the perfect son.

Hira Salman as Geeti

Her character in YKS was one of the few serious roles Hira has done but she carried it out to perfection. A shy wife in the beginning, Geeti dealt with the tragedies bravely and gained utmost respect from all the viewers by the end of the drama serial.

Hira showed such intense emotions in her character that it feels like she was only Geeti, and not Hira. She is shown as a supportive person who never makes a fuss if her husband comes home late or forgets her birthday; she is almost too good to be true.

ira Salman Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

A devoted mother, Geeti dedicates her life to her son but is often pestered by her in-laws to marry again. The dilemma she faced in the latter episodes is something a lot of women go through; should they live with the memories of their late husband or start a new life with someone else? Well, for Geeti, she starts a new life with doctor Haroon.

Suhaae Abroo as Noori

Noori was the village girl who got gang-raped and later on, Daniyal takes up her case. Suhaae Abroo was perfect as Noori; she belonged to a poor family but was a determined and strong girl. At one point, you all must have blamed her for Daniyal’s death but all she wanted was justice.

You must be wondering whether she ends up seeing Jahengir behind bars or not? Well, no. But she ends up killing Shahnawz, Jahengir and his two friends who raped her by opening fire at them while they celebrated his win.

Suhaae Abroo Noori Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

Sabeena Syed as Faryal

Yakeen ka Safar was Sabeena’s first drama serial and well, we could see that. Her acting was not too good, but nevertheless, she played out her character well enough as Faryal. Faryal and Asfandyar are engaged and set to marry when he becomes a doctor. Faryal is shown as a very conceited girl who thinks too high of herself. She breaks off her engagement when Daniyals death is termed as a suicide and marries someone else.

Sabeena Syed Cast of Yakeen ka Safar

We thought this was the last we saw of her but she comes back in episode 23, divorced and a completely changed person. If Sajal and Asfandyar hadn’t met, I am sure we would have wanted Faryal and Asfandyar to get back together; but, she realizes that there is no place for her in Asfi’s life and quietly goes back to her parents.

Again, I appologise for the spoilers but there was no other way to give a detailed overview of the characters. Stay tuned for more interesting articles on your favorite topics!

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